Ugg Cardy/Cardi (black)

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I've just bought a pair of Black Ugg Cardy's off ebay from a seller, I did a lot of research online & offline prior to making an offer and when they arrived I was pleased to see they were actually genuine, I even went into Office to compare and they were exactly the same!
I noticed that there wasn't a lot of ebay guides for these Cardy Ugg boots so just thought I'd add my bit of knowledge in hope that I've prevented you from buying a pair of counterfeits.

Genuine Black Ugg Cardy's have a grey label on the back of the heel in Black font
Genuine Grey Ugg Cardy's also have a grey label on the back of the heel in Black font
Both the soles on these are black
The sole on genuine Uggs are flexible
The buttons on these are made of wood
The insoles are made of real sheepskin, the fibres do not come away if you pull on it
The copywright 'R' is in between the jaws of the 'G'
I've noticed a lot of fake Ugg Cardy's are being sold on ebay and above are just a few things I've noticed on a pair of genuine Ugg Cardy's, compared to fakes.
If in doubt try to get to a authorised dealer to have a look 1st hand or have a look online at authorised reputable stores (Ugg Austrailia, Zappos, Cloggs, Office etc...) some/most of these stores have a 360 degree view option and many other pictures.
There are a lot of people selling fake Uggs on ebay without even realising that they are fake (grey label with white font), there are also a lot of people who are selling Genuine Uggs, it's just a matter of being able to tell the differences between the details-it's all about the details!, Look at the colour of the labels, tags, thickness of the soles etc...

Remember that if it's too good to be true, it probably is.

Hope my guide has helped
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