Understand Region Codes, Is my dvd player multi-region?

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Understanding Region Code's, Is my dvd player multi-region?

Dvd Region codes Are As Follow's:
Region 1 - USA & Canada
Region 2 - Europe & Western Asia
Region 3 - Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, South Korea & Taiwan
Region 4 - Central and South America, Mexico, Australia & New Zealand
Region 5 - Central and South Asia
Region 6 - china
All - Can be played on any player in any location.

I've Bought and sold many dvd's over the internet, and the most common region codes i have come across are
regions '1' and '2'. Region 2 being the uk standard for dvds, and region 1 being the american standard for dvd releases.
There are alot of sellers on ebay uk, who offer region 1 dvd's at a lower price to some region 2 dics's and
although it maybe tempting to bid and purchase these non-uk releases please make sure your dvd player is capable of doing so.
'But how do i find out' you say? simply go to any of these websites and enter your dvd players make and model number.


Please note: i don't endorse any of these sites, I have however used them all myself and found them to be very, very helpful.
Once you have entered your make and model number, the website will tell you if it is capable of playing dics's from other regions,
if your player is not region free by default, the site will give instructions on how to make it,
most often this is by entering a sequence of numbers on your dvd remote to 'unlock' (for lack of a better word) your player to be region free.
Alternativley you can consult your instruction or user manuels and try looking it up in those, if you still are unsure whether or not
your dvd player is multi-region you can phone the customer service help-line and inquire that way.
Hope this guide has helped you.

Thanks for reading.
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