VAG keys - VW SEAT SKODA key info

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My name is Robert and due to many questions I receive and some confused customers I decided to write this guide
This guide should help you to understand how key is build, what does it contain etc.
If you read this guide you should avoid headache after buying empty shell, second hand or wrong key/remote.
So lets start.
We can divide keys into 2 categories and some sub - cattegories
1) keys with remote
  a) flip style key

  b) not flip style key

2) keys without the remote

1) Whole complete key key is built from 2 parts
- remote

- blade part with transponder

Remote is responsible for central locking ONLY. Inside remote you can find circuit board and battery.
VW/Skoda/Seat cars use the same type of remotes, which can be 2 or 3 button and they operate with frequency 433 MHZ or 434 MHZ.
Each remote has a part number. Some of remotes have different part numbers but they are 100% compatible i.e.:
1J0 959 753 AH = 1J0 959 753 DA ->>  3 button 434 MHZ (square shaped remote), 1998 - 2006
1J0 959 753 A                                  ->>  2 button 433MHZ (round shaped remote), 1998 - 2001
1J0 959 753 B                                    ->> 3 button 433 MHZ (round shaped remote), 1998 - 2001
1J0 959 753 N                                  ->>  2 button 433MHZ (square shaped remote), 1998 - 2001
1J0 959 753 AG = 1J0 959 753 CT  ->> 2 button  434 MHZ (square shaped remote), 2000 - 2008
1K0 959 753 = 1K0 959 753 G       ->>  3 button  434 MHZ (square shaped remote), 2004 - 2011 (CAN-BUS cars)
1K0 959 753 N                                ->>  3 button  434 MHZ (square shaped remote), 2007- 2011 (CAN-BUS cars)
we also have non flip remote keys. Each non flip key has compatible flip style replacemetn. Please contact me if you need advice re compatibility.
If you are looking for replacement remote it MUST have the same or equivalent part number and frequency, otherwise it will NOT work.
I.e. you CAN NOT use 1K0 959 753 G as a replacement for 1J0 959 753 DA .
In some cases 1J0 959 753 AG/1J0 959 753 CT can be replaced by 1J0 959 753 AH/1J0 959 753 DA i.e. late Bora, Golf, Octavia MK1. But there is no rule. 
Remote coding procedure is shown on my YouTube movie which can be found under link below:

USA/Japan/Mexico cars use remotes with 315 MHZ frequency and they have different part numbers.
If you need one - please contact me for quote....
Blade part has little transponder chip enclosed inside.

This transponder chip is responsible for communication with immobiliser system.
Each coded transponder contain digit code and the same code is saved in cars immobiliser system. When you try to start the engine of your car, transponder sends that digit code to immobiliser system for verification. If code saved in immobiliser match with code in transponder - you will be able to start your car, if they don't mach you wont be able to start your car and immobiliser activation icon will flash on the dashboard.
Each new transponder needs to be coded to immobiliser system before it can be used, otherwise you wont be able to start your car as digit code mentioned above will not mach.
Each transponder which you (or specialist) are going to code to your car have to be blank - virgin - new as transponders used by VAG cars can be coded only once. transponder which has been previously coded to different vehicle will be useless. Coding can be done only by professionals I.e. auto locksmith workshops or dealers. Coding prices start @ £25 up to £70. 
So remember - if you buy second hand key make sure you will get it with new blade and transponder. Many sellers change the blade but they don't change transponders - in that case key will be useless. Also on eBay are available empty shells - be aware of that as well - read description carefully.
Most of Volkswagen Audi Group (VAG) cars use following transponders:
1998 - 2004/5 - megamos crypto 48 transponder
2004/5 - 2007 - CAN-BUS megamos crypto 48 transponder which are pre-coded to brand -> VW or AUDI or SEAT or SKODA.
2007 - now - transponders pre-coded with kind of VIN number code. not many auto locksmith workshops will be able to get those pre coded transponders as required equipment costs around 4000-5000 Euros....

some vehicles use different type of transponders I.e.: Lupo, Sharan, some polo (crypto 42,44)
*******NOT FLIP STYLE REMOTE KEY******************

each non flip (remote) key has its flip style compatibel replacement. usuallly most Seat cars has been equipped by factory with non flip remote keys. For each key there is compatible replacement. please contact me with car details and I'll do my best to find out compatible replacement 

*******NON REMOTE KEYS******************
-Non flip non remote key (sometimes with light). They have no remote so can be used to all cars . Obviously they contain transponder and all above transponder information's apply to those keys.

Hope this guide explains most "key" questions.
If there is something described not clear enough -  please let me know and I'll do my best to improve it.
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