What Are the Benefits of Buying Silicone Cases and Covers for Mobile Phones

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What Are the Benefits of Buying Silicone Cases and Covers for Mobile Phones

With the bewildering array of mobile phone cases and covers for sale, it is easy to choose the first cover that appeals without looking at other types. Silicone cases and covers have several benefits and are well worth considering.

Choosing Silicone Cases and Covers for Mobile Phones

Form fitting and contemporary in appearance, silicone cases and covers are soft types of mobile cover that fit tightly over the phone. Here are some of the top benefits of silicone cases and covers for mobile phones.

Tight Fitting

The beauty of silicone is its flexibility and malleability. A rubber-like material, it can easily be moulded to form and then fits tightly over the phone. Silicone skins are made for specific phone models for the best fit and appearance. This also ensures that holes for buttons and ports for connections and cables are in the right places. Because silicone wraps around the phone like a glove, these types of covers are extremely slimline and low profile, which only enhances the natural slender appearance of modern phones. They are not bulky or heavy in any way. Silicone covers are also easy to put on and remove, making them extremely convenient. The tight fit and low profile makes silicone cases easy to slip into a pocket or small purse and carry around discreetly. This makes them popular for taking on holidays, out clubbing, while exercising and similar situations.


Modern phones are often expensive items of equipment, no longer used simply for making the odd call but valuable commodities with a range of functions and information at their disposal. Losing or damaging them can be serious, so it makes sense to do everything possible to protect them against accidents. Because silicone covers can wrap around the entire phone, they can offer protection to the whole phone, and there is no need to remove any part of it to access the phone. Silicone is resilient with good shock absorption, so it can protect all parts of the phone against drops and other impact damage. Silicone covers are also often water resistant, to varying extents depending upon design.

Protect and Allow Access to Touchscreens

When it comes to touchscreen access, silicone covers are perfect. They can not only protect the back and sides of the phone, but also the screen. Touchscreens can be delicate and heavy and frequent use can lead to scratching, chipping and accumulation of oil, sweat and dust. Silicone skins that cover the screen protect it against all these different elements, and they do so without preventing or impairing touchscreen access. Bear in mind that not all silicone covers have screen protectors, so check this out if it is an important feature. Some simply protect the back and sides.

Heat and Dust Resistant

Silicone has excellent thermostable properties and low thermoconductivity. This means that silicone cases work well in hot temperatures, making them ideal for taking on holiday to hotter climes as well as sunny days at home. They can also be used safely in hot working environments. They do not become hot to the touch. Instead heat simply dissipates from the phone through the case. Older silicone cases had a tendency to attract dust and lint, but this is no longer the case with many modern silicone cases. Anti-dust silicone cases minimise the amount of surface dust, as well as dirt and debris. This very practical property helps to keep the phone looking sharp and new for a long time.


Silicone cases generally have good durability and are usually resistant to tears and similar damage. They are antimicrobial and many are also washable. All these factors make them reasonably long lasting. Most silicone cases are very flexible and durable, but some, known as crystal silicone cases, are slightly less flexible but more rigid. The composition of these covers makes them harder which is beneficial when it comes to both durability and phone protection.

Tactile and Anti-Slip

Silicone cases are softer than many other types of case, particularly hard plastic cases and metal cases, but also many other materials used in soft mobile covers. They are pleasant to hold and handle, with a good and comfortable grip due in part to silicone’s inherent anti-slip properties. Having a more sturdy grip can help prevent many accidents caused by dropping the phone.

Aesthetic Appeal

Silicone cases often appeal to those looking for a cover with a less-is-more attitude. They have a sleek minimalist appeal that is difficult to argue with. Fashionable and cutting edge, silicone cases are great accessories for all kinds of environments, from the business meeting to the nightclub. Silicone cases can be as unobtrusive as required, and many have a classic appearance with colours such as black, blue, red, and clear. But they also come in a range of fun and funky colours, such as hot pink and orange, for those that want to stand out a little more, as well as a variety of patterns and textures.

Useful Features

The most basic silicone cases do not have additional features such as belt clips, loops, straps, or other devices to attach to belts or other items. This has the benefit of making them as simple in design and low profile as possible. However, for those who do need these features, there are many silicone cases on the market that incorporate them into the design. And because silicone cases fit the phone so well, there is little chance of them falling or dropping out, making them fantastic for those on the go or with active lifestyles.


Silicone cases tend to be cheaper than hard plastic cases or those made from other soft plastics such as thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), as well as more expensive materials such as leather. Most are very affordable, which appeals to those who like to mix and match their covers or change them on a frequent basis. Crystal silicone and other higher quality silicone cases can be slightly more expensive. Branded covers are typically more expensive than unbranded covers, so if on a budget it can be helpful to check out the unbranded equivalents of any particular cover.

Find Silicone Cases and Covers for Mobile Phones on eBay

eBay has thousands of listings for silicone mobile phone cases and covers. They can be found on the Cases & Covers page of eBay’s Mobile Phones & Communication section. To navigate to the page, follow the tabs on the left hand side of the eBay homepage. Open the Electronics & Technology tab and follow the link through to Mobile Phones & Communication, then scroll down and select Cases & Covers. Silicone covers can be selected under the heading Material. The phone model and other required criteria, for example price, colour, and features, such as water resistance, can also be selected using the tabs. Alternatively, listings for silicone cases and covers for mobiles can be accessed by using eBay’s search function at the top of the page. Try using search terms such as “Lumia 620 silicone case”, “Galaxy S3 black silicone cover” or “Xperia silicone clear cover”. Being more general will result in a larger number of listings, but not all may be relevant. Being more specific will bring up a smaller number of more appropriate products, but some suitable covers may be filtered out.


Silicone covers are available in a huge range of styles and designs, from simple and low profile clear covers to hot pink covers or more robust designs complete with belt hooks or straps. Silicone covers have many benefits and several advantages over other types of cover. The major attraction with silicone cases is their tight fitting design, making them sleek and compact. They offer good protection against impact damage, as well as being heat and dust resistant and, in many cases, water resistant. They are tactile with a good grip and durable. Attractive with a minimalist to more colourful appearance, silicone cases are also more often than not very affordably priced.

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