What are B Stock and Refurbished Guitars?

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B-stock and refurbished guitars are items which upon inspection by the manufacturer fail to meet their quality control guidelines. Issues such as a scratch or minor finish flaw prevent them from being sold as “New”. The flaws with B-Stock guitars are typically so minor that there is no need repair them.

On the other hand, refurbished guitars usually have more than just cosmetic imperfections. Refurbs typically have sustained structural damage which has been repaired by the manufacturer or outsourced to a third party.

B-stock guitars can actually be in much better condition than “new” guitars from a retailer’s showroom floor which have been used and abused by the public. Also, most stores offer a 30-day money back policy to their customers. If the guitar is returned, it is re-offered for sale as “new” to the unknowing buyer.

Of course, most b-stock and refurbished guitars do not come with a manufacturer’s warranty. However, as long you use common sense and buy a brand name guitar from a reputable seller, you will greatly reduce any need for a warranty. Besides, most “new” guitars would soon qualify as a b-stock after using it for a very short time.

You should only purchase b-stock or refurbished guitars from sellers that include photos and complete descriptions of any and all flaws. We do not, nor should any other seller classify a b-stock instrument as “new”.

Grand River Music’s guitars are shipped directly to us from the manufacturer and inspected upon arrival. In most cases, the flaws detected by the manufacturer are not visible to the naked eye. Where flaws are detected, pictures are taken and descriptions are included in the listing.

With GrandRiverMusic, you get a no risk, no questions asked return policy. If for any reason you choose to return your purchase, we will REFUND ALL OF YOUR MONEY plus pay for return shipping! You are out nothing. No gimmicks, no fine print.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us by phone at 616-356-6161.

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