What is Orgonite?

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What is Orgonite?

Orgonite energy devices are one of the most effective ways that I have found to raise the vibrations in the environment that surrounds you. The combination of resin, metals and programmed crystals creates a strong protective force that also assists in counteracting any negative vibrations from electrical appliances, electromagnetic bombardment that can disrupt your energy system and subtle bodies.
All of the devises are programmed to carry and emit the highest vibrations. They also can be programmed for specific healing for the individual and work well for pets and plants too!

Where to use your Orgonite.
* Place a small piece on top of your refrigerator or a flat metal surface to harmonize and neutralize Geopathic stress, noxious energies and all water veins from your home
* Place under your water filter or a jug/glass of water to energize your drinking water prior to drinking it, as this will improve hydration within the body
* Place a small orgonite in your refrigerator to neutralise the motor of your fridge, which actually causes your food to go off, and keep your food fresher for longer
* Place all your food on top of an orgonite charger for 10 minutes prior to consumption to energize and rejuvenate your food making vitamins and minerals more easily absorbed.
* Place a bottle of wine (or any drinks) on top of your Orgone charger for 10 minutes prior to consumption to improve its flavour.
* Place your orgonite charger under a vase of flowers to keep them fresh for longer
* Place your orgonite charger on your desk and stand all your tea and coffee or water on it while you are working to energise them
* Place a personal pendant orgonite in your handbag (purse) so that you keep a nice energy field around you everywhere you go
* Place an orgone generator on your bedside table before you go to bed to get a better night's sleep (especially good if anyone is experiencing nightmares)
* Take your orgone generator with you when you stay overnight anywhere and place it on the bedside table before you go to bed to remove any noxious energies while away from home
* Place your orgone generator in an area of your home or office where you know there is harmful radiation or EMF to harmonize and neutralize it
* Place all your skincare, hair care and beauty products on it for ten minutes prior to using them on your orgone generator or pop a piece in your make up bag/bathroom.
* Place your orgone generator under or beside any indoor plants or place it in your vegetable garden and improve the growth of your garden to increase growth
* Place your orgone generator in your compost bin to break it down faster and improve it
* Place your orgone generator in your sewer or toilet to harmonize and neutralise the water veins and noxious energies it causes around your home.
* Use your orgone generator as a Rainmaker (you will need specific instructions to do this)
* Place your orgone generator anywhere else you can think of to improve the energy of an item, food, drink and the surrounding environment
* Place your orgone generator on a hard surface in your motor vehicle to harmoniser and neutralize all noxious energies whilst travelling.

Orgone devices, life force generators and energy transformers.
For eons of time, energy generators have been built as “transformers” to shift and change energy balance on planet Earth. The Pyramids, Sacred mounds and crystal formations all have played a part in this. The ancient peoples on this planet were much more in tune with and aware of how to create energy to help sustain life and balance. And we are now learning how and what they used in order to assist in their survival.

Stonehenge and many of the other sacred sites on the planet have used the various qualities inherent in rocks, stones and crystals as amplifiers of various vibrational frequencies. Some of them may have also acted as giant radionics machines in their ability to transmit specific frequencies around the earth.

Rocks are natural orgone generators as they contain a mixture of minerals and crystals in their inherent aggregate makeup. And they become more powerful as they are placed in certain configurations which creates a “flow” or movement of the energy in specifically designated directions. Crystals placed in or around these devices would also add to the vibrational strength and instructions programmed in the crystals for certain results desired.
As the frequencies raise the vibrations of an area, they can also become portals to allow connection with the higher realms. Many people experience these areas and are able to feel and see “into”, gain access and have life changing contacts with these other realms.
Orgonite works in this way as well by amplifying the positive life enhancing frequencies in an area. They and crystals can assist in •creating a balancing effect of all of the elements and in land, water and the weather. Chemtrails and other toxins are able to be removed as well.

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