What is Shatterproof Acrylic Mirror?

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Shatterproof Mirrors are cut from specialist mirrored acrylic which, as with conventional glass mirrors, have a brilliant highly reflective surface... but with the added advantage of being much lighter, shatterproof, impact resistant and therefore safer.

Why Acrylic?

Acrylic is a versatile material that can be machined, heat formed and laser cut for use indoors or outdoors. Furthermore cast acrylic is lighter, stronger and safer than glass. Acrylic can be used in an environment where glass mirrors can be hazardous if impacted. Dust and grime are not attracted to the panel surface. If the panel should become dirty, it is easily cleaned using a non-abrasive, non-fibrous cloth and any common household clear non-abrasive cleaning liquid.

Product Description

Acrylic sheet with a mirror finish, the highly reflective surface is protected by durable acrylic polymer paint with a polyurethane top coat. It has been created using the latest precision laser cutting and design technology.

Did you know?

Glassless Mirrors are brighter and have a sharper image than plate glass mirrors.

Why Shatterproof mirror:

• safe
• shatterproof
• optical quality acrylic
• much less expensive than glass mirror
• two and half times lighter than glass mirror
• do it yourself installation
• easy to hang
• suitable for indoor and outdoor use
• they are impact resistant

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