What to Consider When Buying Headphones with a Long Cord

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What to Consider When Buying Headphones with a Long Cord

Headphones are useful media accessories which provide users with a private way to enjoy films, music, and television shows, in addition to the ability to play games without disturbing others closeby. Sometimes, standard headphones do not provide enough length in the cord to give individuals the range of motion they need when plugged into a device. In some cases, as when sitting at a desk with a computer tower placed under the desk, it can be physically impossible for a set of headphones to reach the input port on the back of the computer. Fortunately, headphones with long cords have been developed for use in situations which require wiggle room.

Of course, there are a few considerations to bear in mind before buying extra-long headsets, including caring for the cord and making sure that it stays in good shape in the long term. It can also help a consumer to be aware of how one can utilise the online auction site, eBay,, to find and purchase headphones with long cords.

General Considerations When Looking for Headphones with a Long Cord

When shopping for headphones with a long cord, there are a few points that ought to be considered to help in the process and aid a consumer in finding the ideal option. In addition to the pragmatic considerations, one may take into account the accessory items that can help maintain a long cord.

Consider a Headphones Extension Cord

A good option if a consumer already has a pair of headphones or wants to use headphones with mobile devices is to purchase a headphones extension cord. Headphone extension cords, or leads, allow a pair of headphones with a shorter cord to plug into the extension for added length. These extension cords have a female port that typically fits a standard 3.5-mm headphone jack and then a 3.5-mm jack on the other end which can plug into a device. A headphone extension lead can come in any one of several lengths, ranging from one to several metres.

Measure the Space for Use of Headphones with Long Cords

To reduce excess lengths of cord that can get tangled in feet and chair legs, it is a good idea to measure the length of space one plans to use the headphones in. For example, the distance from the gaming console to a favourite chair might be measured. The consumer can then add a cord that is just about a quarter of a metre or half a metre longer than the measurement. In this way, a user can find a pair of headphones that adequately covers a space without excess metres of lead hanging around and causing difficulties.

Consider the Purpose of Headphones

Headphones that are used for listening to music or even gaming might require a bit more audio quality than headphones than those used just for watching slideshow presentations for work. When selecting a pair of headphones with a long cord, consumers should consider whether a higher-end pair with more sonic integrity is necessary or whether a more workman-like pair can suffice. Individuals who use headphones for music may want to avoid extension leads as the extra coupling points can further degrade a signal and reduce the quality of music.

Use a Cable Winder for Headphones with Long Cords

For individuals who are concerned about braiding or folding a long cord correctly, there are accessory items on the market that provide a convenient way to wrap and store long leads. Cable winders typically feature several prongs around which a long cord can be wrapped. Another choice is cable winders that act as a tie-off to hold a folded or braided lead in place. No matter the approach consumers choose, they can find these accessories to be of great use when maintaining and caring for headphones with long leads.

Consider Wireless Headphones

If a device that a consumer is using features wireless or Bluetooth capabilities, then he or she might consider using wireless headphones in lieu of a set of headphones with an extra-long cord. Wireless headphones can have connectivity issues sometimes and have limit to their range of motion, but they can provide a more than convenient alternative. Wireless headphones also sidestep the need to take care of a long cord and wrap it up daily. Music on wireless headphones may have a bit less detail and a less responsive frequency range but, by and large, wireless headphones are a great secondary option to consider.

Storing a Long Cord Safely

There are a few methods consumers can use to wrap up and store a long lead on a pair of headphones. These options can help preserve the integrity of the cable and extend the life of the headphones.

The Figure-Eight Wrap

While common wisdom often has people wrapping leads around a device or a pair of headphones when storing them, this actually causes damage to the cable and degrades the integrity of the cord. This high-pressure torquing of a cord in one direction frays the internal elements bit by bit, eventually leading to a cord that delivers a stuttering and static-ridden sound to headphones.

A good solution instead is to wrap a long lead in a figure-eight shape rather than a circle. This can be accomplished by running the lead back and forth between the thumb and the pinky of one hand to form the shape of the number "8". This varying pressure on the lead protects it from damage and keeps it lasting longer.

The Foldover Technique

While it can feel counterintuitive, folding a long lead is much less damaging than wrapping it tightly around something. This technique is very helpful with extra-long leads that run over several metres. The cord should be folded in half and then folded in half again until a manageable length is reached. The folds should not be pressed down, but rather be allowed to sit gently in a fold. Once the cord has been folded down to a good length, it can be tied loosely in a knot to keep everything in place. This storage method prevents the cord from being tangled when it is eventually untied.

Types of Cords and Their Advantages

There are several different cord designs on the market, each with its own advantages that appeal to specific preferences. The following table lists each type of cord along with its description and associated benefits.

Cord Type




Y-shaped Cord

Single cord extends from plug and splits evenly into two sections which travel to each earpiece.

Even sound delivery and quality on each ear.

Can be easy to dislodge the earpiece from either ear.

J-shaped Cord

Single cord extends from plug, but then splits into a shorter cord for one earpiece and a longer one for the other which wraps behind the head.

Makes it harder for earpieces to get pulled off an ear accidentally.

Can deliver an uneven signal to each earpiece.

Balanced Cord

A cord that leverages a separate positive and negative wire for each earpiece.

Reduces potential for distortion and interference from wires joining.

Typically available in high-end audiophile headphones; usually at a higher price point.

Consumers in the market for headphones should weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each cord type to determine what suits them. Different applications require varying capabilities from headphones and their cords, so taking all of these considerations into account can simplify the purchasing process.

Shopping for Headphones with a Long Cord on eBay

The online auction site, eBay, has a large collection of headphones with long cords and extension leads for sale, providing consumers with a wide range of options. The site is designed to be user-friendly, so initiating the purchasing process is not difficult. One of the direct ways to get started is to run a search. You can find a search bar in any page on the site. Enter a search term, such as "headphones long lead&", and then click on "Search". This brings up the listings related to that phrase.

Getting to know the sellers of items you are interested in is an important part of the shopping experience on eBay.. When shopping on the site, visit a seller’s page by clicking on the seller’s name on the listing. Look through the feedback and reviews the seller has received from customers to get a sense of the types of products and services offered by the vendor. By doing a bit of due diligence and evaluating a seller before making a purchase, you can feel more confident about getting the right pair of quality headphones with a long cord.


Using headphones wwith a gaming console while sitting on a couch or moving around when plugged into any device can be easier when the headphones are attached to a long cord. Taking care of this cord and making sure that headphones stay in good condition is important and can be easily managed with a few tips. Alternatives such as a headphone extension cord can help with this.

Finding and buying headphones with a long cord can be a straightforward process too, especially through the online auction site, eBay. The website offers a large catalogue of headphones and accessory items, providing consumers with a one-stop-shop option when addressing their headphone needs. All one needs to do is run a search, look through listings, and review the seller before placing a purchase order on the website. With its numerous features, eBay makes it easy to get headphones with a long cord that provides a practical solution when a user wants to enjoy media while maintaining freedom of movement.

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