What to Look for in a Raleigh Burner Bicycle

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What to Look for in a Raleigh Burner Bicycle

The Raleigh Burner is a BMX bicycle equipped with 16-inch wheels, alloy V-handlebars, a 10-inch chrome frame, rear stunt pegs, and a distinct three-piece pad set that sets it apart from its competitors. The bike lacks gears; instead, encouraging its riders to pedal to their max. Highly coveted by serious BMX riders, the bike's popularity led to the production of four more releases, each of which varies slightly in style.


Now out of production, the original Raleigh Burner BMX bikes and the Raleigh Aero Burners are the most sought after, due in part to their rarity. The Boxfresh Burner, also highly coveted amongst BMX lovers, was collectively created by Boxfresh and Raleigh to celebrate the launch of the 25th anniversary of the Team Aero Pro. It features a replica original Raleigh Burner frame, black skyways, a teardrop polka dot design, royal and emerald colour brake cables, and Raleigh Burner 80s rad pads. As only 100 models were issued out, this limited edition Raleigh Burner bicycle is as valuable as it is rare.

Tuff and Super Burner

In addition to the original Raleigh Burner, the company manufactured several similar successors: the Tuff Burner, Super Burner, Ultra Burner, and Pro Burner. The Tuff Burner contained essentially the same frame as its predecessor; however, it featured distinctive yellow mag Raleigh Burner wheels. Still, the Super Burner mimicked the original Raleigh Burner in appearance but distinguished itself with a gold chrome finish.


Ultra Burner

The Ultra Burner featured drastic changes in construction from its predecessors, equipped with Araya 7X rims and Suntour loose bearing hubs as well as an alloy chainring and a Suntour power handlebar system; the basic frame design remained relatively the same, although it was given its own distinctive finish. Still, the forks were constructed from chrome Tange TX1200W items and dia-compe brakes.

Pro Burner

The Raleigh Pro Burner was the last and final Raleigh Burner bicycle model to hit consumer markets in the mid-1980s. Despite a few improvements, the MK1 frame and style were left untouched. The Pro Burner was designed to take the BMX bike from an amateur to professional level; it featured a full Chromoly frame and forks with an aerodynamic geometry catered to racing.


Raleigh Burner Frames

The Raleigh Burner frames remained relatively unchanged throughout the years; however, minor changes were made as new models were released. A loop tail frame and gusset with two holes distinguishes the Raleigh Burner MK1. Still, the Raleigh Burner MK2 has a slightly more oval frame; the looptail was done away with and the frame was made longer. The MK3 Burner was reserved for the Boxfresh Burner.