Which Vibration Plate?

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Vibration Plates - The Facts....


Are you looking for a vibration plate on eBay? Well, then you will probably be as confused as everyone else at this moment?

You will have already realised that there are so many sellers and specifications in the market today. But there are also so many 'hyped' specifications, standards and false claims; it may just seem impossible to choose!

The array of choice on eBay only adds to the confusion for the buyer. This guide is designed to help by explaining some basic market information; so you can stay 'one step ahead'..........

Firstly, the 'HEADLINE' marketing will always focus on three points;

  • How powerfuly is the machine? (in Watts)
  • How 'new' is the technology? 
  • How good is the price? ('Special Offer' pricing etc)

This is sometimes just designed to mislead, so lets  investigate these areas and start with a few simple facts that will give you an indication of the authenticity of any sellers claims and also an insight into the vibration trainer market on eBay.........


To be honest, Motor Quality is often more relevant than Power; but how can you tell this?

Well;, try and choose a seller with excellent feedback (as always) and one that sells the product into a commecrcial environment if possible. This would give some proof to the robust nature of the product.

The marketing may suggest that the higher the motor power the better the machine? Well, unfortunately it is not that easy. Often the motor size is increased at the expense of the motor quality. So, it is again worth considering the sellers record and reputation over any promise of high speed performance? It is also often the case that the different motor sizes only generates the same top speed, so in these circumstances, a performance improvement will not exist.


No, but this has now become a common claim. Why? Well, some would say "typically" for this market, as soon as one particular seller introduces an upgraded (and patented) drive syatem, all other sellers immediately claim they also have this technology. WE KNOW FROM EXPERIENCE THAT THIS IS SIMPLY NOT TRUE, so investigate carefully.


The ‘Crazy Fit’ models (or similar) can be seen prevalently on eBay. This is a generic brand name and the identical products are produced by possibly hundreds of different factories across China.

The quality of components can vary greatly. But of course, every eBay seller will state that they have the best specification and the highest quality of components! You will know that by default this cannot be true. As with any product that comes from different factories, some will simply be better than others. A lot of the 'cheaper' offerings on eBay are products that have been mass produced for the Chinese home market, but the excess stock is being 'offloaded in Europe. This is poor quality stock, but can be purchased cheaply.


That is a difficult question. There are a lot of older models which are being sold at 'clearance' prices on ebay. The sellers oftain claim these to be 'new and improved', however if you do your research, you will see the computer console and desaign are often 3 or 4 years old! It is often worth paying a little buit more for a machine you suspect will have a higher build quality. We all know that often "you get what you pay for".


Yes, its that simple.

In essence, they all have developed from original Taiwanese designs but are now produced in China. If a seller ‘suggests’ differently then proceed very much with caution. This includes even the high profile brands costing thousands of pounds, so avoid anyone that makes any other claim. A few may have Japanese components or incoprorate Taiwanese design features, but all are definately manufactured in factories in China.


 Always check that the model you are thinking of purchasing has an OSCILLATING motion. This is very important!

An oscillating motion is similar to the motion that a See-Saw makes, and if you are offered a Vibration Trainer below £150.00, then it will likely have a VERTICAL motion. Virtical motion trainers are known as 'Blood Circulatory' machines and are not effective for weight loss and toning. This motion can also be bad for your back.


The term WBV (Whole Body Vibration) is used to describe the exercise program. It was originally developed as part of the Russian Space program and has been engineered greatly in recent times into one of the most fashionable training methods on the planet. WBV machines have become a key fitness, toning, strengthening and rehabilitation tool for sports professionals and celebrities alike.

Most of the "Vibration Plate" products on eBay work on the same basic principal. Simply explained, there is an oscillating plate which ‘rocks’ from side to side. This creates an unbalanced surface for the user. The muscles in the legs and body react and work hard tensing and relaxing constantly as they control the stability of the user.

You may have experience of the well known commercial machines which can be found in the large nation-wide gyms and fitness centres? If this is the case, then before you buy one of the popular vibration machines via eBay, you should be advised that this single ‘rocking’ action will be the main operational difference between the two.

The commercial machines, which retail at upwards of £6000, will often vibrate in more than one plain. They will ‘rock’ from sided to side, but also move up/down and forward/backward also. This is the major difference. Of course, this additional movement will provide a more effective work out; but if you are not looking to invest £6000 in the pursuit of a toned, cellulite free body; then an eBay purchase can offer a fantastic and effective, low cost alternative.


You will see this is a complex, confusing market. You may also see that best pieces of advice anyone can give you would be to ensure you trust in the seller. Their reputation and feedback will speak volumes for the product and service you will receive. 

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Good luck with your choice and we hope you enjoy your purchase!  


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