Why Consider Buying Refurbished Batteries for Your Mobile

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Why You Should Consider Buying Refurbished Batteries over New Batteries for Your Mobile Phone

Mobile phones continue to get more powerful, more multi-purpose, and consequently, more expensive as the years go by. The high cost of replacement has lead to refurbished models and components becoming an ever more popular. With a variety of different functions being performed using them, modern mobile phones require powerful batteries that offer high-charge capacities. While most batteries will see little wear and tear, and can easily last for hundreds of charges without diminishing, eventually it may be necessary to buy a replacement. In addition, having a spare for when the phone runs out of charge is also sensible, particularly for those who rely on their phones for both work and personal use. When buying replacement and spare batteries, shoppers have the choice of buying them new from the original manufacturer, buying new third party manufacturer mimics, and buying refurbished batteries. Buying used batteries is also an option, although this isn't advisable and can be risky.

Different Types of Batteries

Different phones are compatible with different types of batteries. Generally, manufacturers of newer phones will tend to use lithium technology with the batteries they create. Lithium Polymer and Lithium Ion batteries are both popular due to their high charge capacities, their small and slimline appearance, the fact that they are environmentally friendly, and because they last a long time. Older phones tend to use both Nickel Cadmium and Nickel Metal Hydride batteries, with the latter being the preferable option. Nickel Cadmium was once the battery of choice for small devices like mobile phones, but due to their toxic chemicals and materials, lower charge capacities, and the fact that their charge will begin to diminish over time, they have become much rarer, and are generally only seen with older phone models. Nickel Metal Hydride, however, corrected many of these issues, and remains a popular choice with basic phones.

New and Refurbished Batteries

When buying a replacement battery, it is important to choose between getting them new or refurbished.

New Batteries

New batteries can either be purchased direct from the manufacturer, or from other third party manufacturers. Original Equipment Manufacturer, or OEM, batteries are generally the most expensive, and the most reliable, batteries money can buy. Non Original Equipment Manufacturer, or non-OEM, batteries, however, vary in quality and price. Some may be as good as original versions, whilst others will be poorly and cheaply made, and may be prone to quick losses of charge, leakages, swelling, burnout, and a variety of other problems.

Refurbished Batteries

Refurbished batteries are those that have come from phones that have been returned to the manufacturer or repair shop. If necessary, these are fixed, reset, and then can be sold on. The battery should, in all respects, work just as well as a brand new one. In many cases, these batteries will barely have been used, or may not have been used at all. Sometimes mobile phones are sent straight back to the manufacturer or retailer soon after being bought. This may be because they are faulty or have a design issue, which will not necessarily be down to problems associated with the battery itself. When the phone is returned, the battery will be taken out and a new one fitted. These batteries will then be sold on, and will often be just as good as new, but sold at a cheaper price.

Why Buy Refurbished Batteries?

Buying refurbished batteries can be advantageous for a number of reasons. These will include the following:

Can Be Brand New

Refurbished mobile phone batteries are often called Grade A batteries. While they are sold as being used, many will never have been used before. As mentioned, when people send their phones back to the network, the batteries will be removed and resold. In most cases, these will not have caused the problem, and, therefore, it will be possible to get batteries of a high quality without having to pay the higher costs.


Price is a major benefit of getting refurbished products of any kind. Regardless as to whether they have been taken out of phones and never used before, or tweaked to bring them back to spec, refurbished batteries will always be cheaper than buying new ones from the original manufacturer. As such, it is possible to get OEM batteries that are far less expensive than the originals. While third party non-OEM batteries can compete on price, high quality OEM batteries cannot.

Better than Non-OEM Batteries

Sometimes, refurbished batteries will be better options than getting non-OEM batteries. Batteries created by third party manufacturers can be made with low grade materials and may not be subject to strict quality controls. As such, they can cause a whole host of potential problems for mobile phone users, often causing damage to the phone that may end up voiding their warranty. Refurbished batteries, however, will often be OEM batteries and will, therefore, be high quality and less prone to potential problems.

Strict Testing and Controls

Any refurbished battery being sold by an original manufacturer will be subject to strict controls regarding quality. They will always be brought back up to their original specifications and will, therefore, last a long time and work just as well as originals. Of course, this will depend on the battery itself, as well as the manufacturer, but in general refurbished batteries will only be sold on once they have been tested and guaranteed to work.

Environmentally Friendly

Another advantage of refurbished batteries, and one that is becoming ever more important, is the fact that they are environmentally friendly. Refurbishing a battery is essentially like recycling it, so rather than getting a new battery, the refurbished one will be put back into circulation. As such, consumers can feel as though they are helping to do their part in saving the planet by keeping yet another battery from being thrown onto the scrap-heap.

Buying Refurbished Mobile Phone Batteries on eBay

When looking for refurbished batteries, there is no better place to look than eBay, the world's largest online marketplace. In order to find appropriate sellers and refurbished batteries on eBay, start off by navigating to the main homepage. The next step is to find the appropriate category where mobile phone batteries will be found. This will start with the blanket category, Electronics & Technology.. Click on the link - it can be found on the left of the page - and then the page will reload. Next, find the sub-category called Mobile & Home Phones,, and then Mobile Phone Accessories.. When this page loads, look down the left and find the category called Batteries.. Once again, click on this link and all listings in this category will load on the page. Since the focus is on finding refurbished batteries, look at the tabs down the left, and click on Manufacturer Refurbished or Seller Refurbished under condition. When these tabs are clicked, only batteries that have been refurbished by either the manufacturer, or the seller, will be listed. As an alternative, use the search function. This makes it quick to find appropriate listings. Just type in some relevant keywords, such as 'refurbished Nokia mobile phone batteries' and see what comes up. If there are no listings related to these keywords, it may be that the search term is too specific. As such, make it more general and try again.


When checking any listings for refurbished batteries, always check the seller closely, and be sure to read the descriptions as well. Doing so will help anyone find out whether or not the battery is more or less brand new, or whether it's been used and then tweaked to bring it back to spec. Spend some time shopping around and pay some attention to price. If the price is too low, this is often an indicator that the battery is going to be low grade. The focus here is to get a quality battery, not a cheap one, so only consider price when there are a variety of comparable options on the table.