Why is there 110V and 240V tools?

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110V and 240V power tools explained...

110V this is a professional site voltage. A transformer is required to convert the 240V supply to 110V. Most 110V transformers and leads are a bright yellow. Failure to use 110V on a building site often results in a fast exit from the site, it is required and broadly excepted as a Safety standard.

240V is the standard 'household' voltage. Most leads are black or blue.

With the number of accidents reported on building sites and at work 110V is considered a safer form of electricity.

All Portable Electrical items at work should be regularly tested / checked for safety. This is often called 'PAT' or 'PAT testing'.

PAT simply means 'Portable Appliance Test' and is required for compliance of the Electricity at Work Regulations.

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