Why we no longer accept PayPal

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We have not written this to discourage anyone from using paypal but simply to enforce our position as to why we do not use paypal.

We no longer accept paypal because they repeatedly messed us about freezing our account requesting pointless information they already have and offering zero support. we have now set in place a reliable mechanism that allows you to pay using a credit or debit card immediately after you have won an item from us, once you win an ittem, check your email and you will find a message that has a link to pay now using your card.

We did used to accept paypal but have now changed our company policy due to several reasons. Firstly we have a facility to accept credit and debit cards via our merchant facility provided by Halifax bank of scotland and this offers us low cost payment processing.
We also have a selection of alternatives to suit most people. PayPal is a very expensive method of accepting payment and also in our experiance totally unreliable.

PayPal has no regard for its business customers and no respect or support is available. When operating a business, you expect a payment solution to be 100% reliable and free from interuption at all times. A solution that you can rely on when there is a problem and has friendly support staff that you can talk to etc.

PayPal have a habbit of freezing the accounts of Honest people at anytime for any reason without notice. This is also in their terms of service, THEY CAN LIMIT YOUR ACCOUNT AT ANYTIME WITHOUT NOTICE AND FOR ANY REASON. This is not suitable for any serious online business and can cause disruption, Distrust and other issues between a company and their customers.

Many of you reading this will have used paypal for years and not had a problem but there will be an equal number of people reading this who only use paypal because they have to, you have had accounts frozen for no reason and found paypals customer support to be no better than useless. Their so called customer support representatives unable or not willing to see it from your point of view even when it is blatently ovious..

Paypal has made millions of people very angry and sits there with the attitude that if those people do not like it, they just better learn to put up with it. PayPal make so much money and have so many members, they do not care about upsetting their customers because they have so many others and think that theose they do upset have no choice but to continue using their service.


Of course, PayPal would deny the above and would say that they only limit peoples accounts when there is cause but if thats the case, why has there been so many law suits against PayPal and why is there so many millions of people out there who cringe when they hear the name PayPal.

What amazes me is that ebay bought PayPal to offer their buyers and sellers the solution of safe and secure payments, I would also think they wanted reliability for their sellers who are their biggest asset, YET ebay do nothing to change the way PayPal operates.

You would assume that PayPal only freeze the accounts of Bad People but you would be WRONG.. PayPal have also frozen the accounts of many good people doing honest business and trying to make an honest living on ebay. While the Bad people, The Smash and Grab criminals get away with millions.

Example.. You are a Good Person using PayPal for many months, you have the odd dispute from customers whos package arrives late but you always resolve these and the customer is happy.
PayPal then freezes your account claiming they have to for reasons of Money Laundering and that you need to setup a direct debit to have the account restored. So you add your bank details and the account gets restored. THAT CAUSED DISRUPTION BECAUSE IT TOOK 6 DAYS TO RESOLVE. You then continue trading and accepting payments for another few months. SUDDENLY the account is limited again because of the same money laundering excuse. This time they want Photo ID, A copy of your latest utility bill, Proof of Inventory for all your stock and Postal tracking proof for all items sold in the last 48 hours.
Now you cannot accept payments anymore at least until the information they request is sent to them and even then, your not guaranteed they will remove the account limitation.
A Busy trader who oinly has paypal to accept payments will lose hundreds of pounds and will lose customers trust all because of paypals neglect for being a reliable solution.

That is just one example, paypal can limit your account simply because you receive a payment that is higher than your average payment receipts or simply because you login from a computer other than the one you usually use.

There is then the smash and grab theives who setup a paypal account, Add a bank account, Maybe a savings account they setup with a bank with limited ID then open a ebay account, For a few weeks they buy feedback (and yes you can on ebay although its agains policy, people still do it) Then once they have a feedback of 10 or 11, they list something like an apple mac laptop or something they would get £500 for. Once the poor unsuspecting buyer pays via Paypal, the theif immediately withdraws the money to the bank account 500 quid better off, dissapears. It might seem like a lot of work for £500 quid but think about it, people break into a car if they see half a packet of cigarettes on the seat.

So what is ebay doing about it?

Nothing, ebay trust Paypal to run the company for them.
ebays customer support is totally different from PayPal, ebay are polite and courtious and give you the feeling they care and want you to be a customer where as PayPal give you the feeling that they couldnt care less.
ebay need to take note that if their sellers have PayPal accounts limited that they list items without PayPal and those items do not sell as well. They are the ones ultimately losing revenue.

PayPal needs to be operated by ebay staff and by ebay.
ebay should take back PayPal and run it in the same way as they run their own website. They should link the systems so that trusted ebay sellers do not have to put up with paypal problems.

Next time you see an ebay item on sale and the seller does not accept paypal, do not just say, no paypal, must be dodgy, Take a look at their feedbac k and the other options they offer for payment because that person may be so sick of PayPal that they have decided not to give them anymore business. If a shop in a high street upset you, you would not shop there anymore would you?