Your Guide to Buying a Replacement Mobile Phone Battery

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Your Guide to Buying a Replacement Mobile Phone Battery

Much to the chagrin of most consumers, a mobile phone battery may not last for the life of the phone. Having the battery run flat and unable to accept a charge does occasionally happen. When it does, the only answer is to purchase a fresh, new battery to install, so knowing how to select a replacement mobile phone battery is a good idea.


High Capacity Batteries

The technology in most smartphones has greatly increased the number of ways people can use their mobile phones. With increased daily usage on such a large number of applications, most mobile phones need more frequent charging. Unfortunately, there are times when neither a mains nor a vehicle charger is available to recharge a flat battery. Replacing the factory-installed battery with a high capacity battery is a good solution. High capacity batteries deliver longer life. Before purchasing a generic high capacity battery, check to be sure it is the same size as the battery in your mobile phone.


Manufacturer Approved Batteries

Most mobile phone manufacturers have a licensing agreement with battery manufacturers that allows them to offer replacement batteries for mobile phones. These manufacturers make the standard battery you find with your phone when it is new. When purchasing a replacement battery, be sure the model number and battery code match to ensure the battery is the right one for your phone. Another good choice for those who are away from mains and vehicle chargers is a solar powered charger, which is a good way to keep a mobile phone ready to go wherever you are.


Generic Batteries

Some battery manufacturers offer generic batteries designed for brand name phones such as iPhone, Samsung Wave, or the Galaxy S3. While the mobile phone manufacturer may not have licensed these companies, many times the batteries they offer or as good as or better than the original battery and a bit more budget friendly. Check to be sure the battery fits your mobile phone because, occasionally, generic batteries are thicker or just a bit longer than the original, making the fit difficult, if not impossible.


Removing and Replacing a Battery

Whilst each manufacturer places the batteries in their phones just a bit differently, removing and replacing a battery is generally the same from phone to phone. To access the battery, you may have to slide it out from the back or open the back. Once you see the battery, check to be sure there are no screws or pins holding it in place before you take it out of the phone. If there are, remove them carefully and set them aside on a piece of tape to keep them safe. Once you have removed the battery, note down the number of the unit and your phone model and year to help you locate the replacement model. To install a new battery, reverse the process.

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