Your Guide to Buying a Safe Electric Blanket for Kids

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Your Guide to Buying a Safe Electric Blanket for Kids

Electric blankets are the perfect solution to staying warm on a cold, chilly, or sub-zero winter's night. Electric blankets have come a long way since they first came onto the market, and there are lots of different things to look for now in terms of an electric blanket. When you're buying an electric blanket for a child, it becomes even more important that the blanket is very safe and won't overheat or cause a fire hazard while you're child is using it.

Carefully check electric blankets on eBay to make sure they offer all of the amenities you want them to before purchasing one for your child. An electric blanket can be very cosy and warm when it's cold out, and enhance your child's night of sleep, but a parent wants to make sure that safety trumps all other features when it comes to buying an electric blanket for a child. There are a few things you may need to know before you start your search for an electric blanket, such as heat settings, fabric, automatic shut off, voltage and safety consideration.

What to Consider When Buying an Electric Blanket for Kids

When you are looking for a very safe electric blanket for a child, there are a few things to keep in mind. While comfort and cost are important, safety is really paramount, so these are the things you'll want to look for when shopping for an electric blanket to ease your mind while your child sleeps. You may have to adjust your budget if needed because a blanket with added features may cost more than a standard electric blanket, but this will ensure your child will be safe. A low voltage electric blanket will ease your mind because you'll know there is less risk of a fire when your child is using the blanket.

You also want your child to stay comfortable and warm, so consider all of these factors while you're shopping so you'll end up finding the perfect electric blanket for your child that's not only safe, but cosy and comfortable, as well. A good electric blanket will have all of the qualities you need for the right price. A safe electric blanket should last between 5-10 years, so purchase a blanket that your child will enjoy having for the long haul.

Heat Settings

One of the most important things to consider is that the blanket has a heat setting control so the heat can be adjusted. A child shouldn't be under a blanket that's roasting hot, and the heat should be able to be changed so the temperature can be altered to make it less hot. It may have a digital control, or have a dial to regulate heat, but either way, you must be able to change the setting of the heat on the electric blanket to ensure that your child doesn't become overheated while he sleeps.

Most new electric blankets are made with this feature, but you will definitely want to double check before purchasing. You may also want to talk to you child about not adjusting the heat settings himself once you have already put them on the proper setting. Some heat control electric blankets may come with up to ten different heat settings, so it's easy to figure out which heat setting will be the right one for your child to use to stay warm and safe all night.

Automatic Timer/Shut Off

The safest electric blanket for kids are electric blankets that you can put on an automatic timer, that will turn off by themselves after a certain amount of time. These heated blankets may have a 10-hour timer on them, or you can set the timer yourself to turn off after a set amount of hours, such as a timer that will allow the blanket to shut off after one hour, three hours, or five hours. This prevents overheating as well as reduces the risk of a fire or accident.

Another option is a blanket that reduces the temperature over the course of a period of time, or self adjusts depending on the temperature in the room itself. This can also be a good energy-saving quality, and it can be safer, too, as the heat fluctuates for comfort instead of continuing to rise or staying at a hot, consistent temperature all night long.


The traditional standard set for most electric blankets when it comes to voltage is 120 volts, but a low voltage electric blanket can be much safer for kids. A low voltage blanket will be labelled as such, and it is made with smaller wires than a higher voltage electric blanket. Therefore, it's much safer, and also uses less electricity, which is great for consumers that are concerned about energy usage.

A low voltage electric blanket uses DC energy that is less dangerous and heats up using only 25 volts, but will still keep your child warm at night. The perfect low voltage heated blanket should be CE certified as a non-hazardous, low voltage blanket. These blankets usually include automatic shut off and are also made of lighter material, which will keep your child from getting too hot.


Heated blankets can come in several different types of fabrics, but the best fabric for a child is going to be micro fleece polyester. It's lightweight but still manages to retain heat, and it's easy to care for. If you have a low voltage blanket and the wires are smaller in the heating element of the blanket, your child shouldn't feel them at all and the blanket should be quite comfortable. Fleece is very soft and is also easy to care for, and can be safely put into the washing machine.

Micro fleece polyester electric blankets also retain their look and feel over time, and won't pill after repeated uses and washings like other fabrics might. It won't shrink, either, so feel free to wash the blanket as much as possible. Fleece electric blankets come in a wide variety of colours, and sizes, so select the perfect size whether your child sleeps in a twin size bed or a full size bed.

Safety Certification

A blanket that's heated has been deemed safe has a UK Safety mark on it. This is very important because it means the blanket has passed all of the tests and inspections that mean it's been show to be safe to use in the UK and has passed the safety standards set for an electric blanket.

For best results, purchase your child a new electric blanket and not a used one, so you can be sure of how old the blanket is, and that it has its certification marks and has met current, updated safety standards for electric blankets in the UK. The marks may say BEAB approved, or say KEMA KEUR.

How to Buy a Safe Electric Blanket for Kids on eBay

When you buy a safe electric blanket for kids, the first and foremost thing to look for is that it has the certification mark on it, which is the BEAB mark. Then you know the electric blanket has passed the safety standards for the UK, and then you can proceed with other qualities that are important when you buy a safe blanket for kids. Buying a safe electric blanket on eBay is convenient, affordable, and easy. First, search electric blankets for a wide range of options. You can also search by size, such as full electric blankets, or key in a more specific search, such as automatic timer electric blankets.

Shop on eBay with a feeling of security knowing that you're getting the best buying experience possible, especially when your purchase from merchants that are Top-Rated Sellers that have very high feedback scores from happy, satisfied buyers. Communicate with the seller and ask questions before purchasing your electric blanket to ensure it has all of the necessary features you're looking for in a safe electric blanket that you know will be good for your kids to use without you having to worry about safety.


Electric blankets come in a lot of different types, styles, and price ranges, so it may be hard to know which one will be the best if you're shopping for a child. The best thing to remember is that the electric blanket be certified, have low voltage, and an automatic timer or shutoff (or both) to ensure that your child doesn't wake up sweating in the middle of the night from overheating. A great electric blanket will be light but still comfortable and soft, as well as offer a variety of heat controls so the settings can be easily customised for the exact amount of heat desired.

Electric blankets are not only very cosy for a child during cold months, but they also are a great way for parents to save money. Adjusting your thermostat at a cooler temperature and using a heated blanket instead can save a lot on energy in the home, therefore making your electric bill a bit less costly. The whole family will enjoy having an electric blanket once you see how great the one you bought for your child is. Shopping for an electric blanket on eBay is an easy way to get what you want without a lot of time taken or extra hassle.

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