Your Guide to Buying an Indestructible Dog Bed

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Your Guide to Buying an Indestructible Dog Bed

Searching for an indestructible dog bed indicates that the current one may have chunks of fill ripped out, a torn cover, or gaping holes in it. Whether a Great Dane or a Chihuahua, if a dog chews, digs, or scratches to such an extent that their bed has become a casualty, an indestructible bed is in order – luckily this is an easy purchase to make by searching and viewing the available options on eBay.

Dog beds are usually destroyed by a dog’s teeth and nails. Bigger breeds have larger teeth and nails, but smaller breeds can wreak havoc as well. It is possible, however, to find a sturdy dog bed that can weather the elements and a good deal of rough use.

Why Do Dogs Destroy Their Beds?

There are a variety of reasons a dog may exhibit destructive behaviour, such as chewing up their beds or digging through the cover of their beds. Common reasons include:


If left alone, some dogs feel a lot of stress. Dogs are pack animals, and, as such, feel more comfortable with others around.


Dogs that are not stressed are often bored. This is often the case with highly intelligent dogs that are left on their own for long periods of time.

Lack of Exercise

Some dogs don’t get enough exercise, and they chew or dig furiously to let off pent up energy.


While a dog is still a puppy, they will chew as a matter of course as their teeth come in. Teach them what is appropriate to chew now, to avoid them chewing on forbidden items (including their bed) later.

Changing Your Dog’s Behaviour

If it can be ascertained why a dog destroys their bed, the behaviour can often be changed by meeting the dog’s need. If the dog responds positively to these or other methods, they may lose the need to chew and scratch, and ultimately destroy, their bed. Meeting the dog’s needs will make for a happier dog and a happier owner.

  • More Play Time and Exercise. If it is suspected that a dog is restless from lack of exercise, try getting up a half hour earlier to take the dog for a long run before heading to work; then take him out again for an hour or more after work, to chase balls, catch a Frisbee or swim. See if this increase in attention and physical activity helps to calm the destructive behaviour. An added benefit will be increased level of energy from an increase in exercise level.
  • Dog Camp. Another alternative for the bored dog or one that doesn’t get enough exercise is a good, cage-free doggy day care where the dog will be surrounded by people and other dogs while their owner is at work. This could be an expensive option, but take into consideration what it is worth to have a happy dog that doesn’t eat the apartment while their owner is out.
  • Soothing Music. If you suspect a dog is anxious, try turning on the radio to some soothing music while playing with or cuddling the dog. Then play the same music while the dog is alone in the house. There is also a type of wrap that can be bought which may soothe an overly anxious dog by making it feel that it is being held snugly.
  • Feeding Toys. Toys that reward a dog’s attention are a good way to channel their chewing instinct into something less destructive. Toys can be bought that have a refillable section for peanut butter or other treats (peanut butter is a good food to use for this purpose as it is healthy for dogs in small amounts and works well with the purpose of these kind of toys). A dog can even be given their regular food in such a toy. It will keep them occupied for quite a while as they work to dig out they dinner.
  • The Local Dog Whisperer. A wonderful resource for people whose dogs exhibit destructive behaviour is your local dog trainer. These people love dogs and understand them. Perhaps all you and your best friend need is an interpreter.

Some Dog Bed Features to Avoid

It never hurts to buy a sturdy dog bed that helps a dog to avoid destructive behaviour. Here are some tips on features to avoid and features to look for when buying an indestructible dog bed.

  • Bad Choices for Dogs That Chew. Dog beds that feature straps, buttons, zippers, pleats, and piping are especially attractive to dogs that chew. Chewers like to get hold of parts of the bed to gnaw on. If a dog exhibits this tendency, look for a cover that is absolutely free of features like these, and which close with an invisible Velcro strip. Other tempting features are square corners, soft padding, arms or backs, and legs – something a dog can get their jaws around.
  • Bad Choices for Dogs That Dig. Most dogs like to scratch at or on their beds before taking a nap or going to sleep for the night. An instinctual habit, this behaviour mimics the dog’s ancestors digging in leaves or grass to fluff up a warm bed for the night. This type of digging generally causes no harm, although if the fabric of the dog bed cover is lightweight, such digging may eventually wear it out. Some dogs, however, dig furiously. This type off digging will send chunks of bedding flying. Avoid any sort of soft cover to the dog’s bed.

Beds That Will Hold Up Over Time

These beds will hold up much longer, especially if they are made from the materials discussed in the next section.

Good Choices for Dogs That Chew.

  • Firm, Rounded Pillows. A rounded pillow-type bed that is covered in a slick, vinyl-type material gives the dog virtually nothing to grab between their teeth. With nothing easy to chew on, the dog should be willing to turn their attention to a durable chew toy.
  • Crates. It may be desirable to crate a dog in a large, roomy crate so that when they realise they cannot chew on the bed, they do not turn their attention to the sofa.
  • Raised Beds. Dog beds that are mostly metal or PVC plastic may be chewed, but the chewing can’t hurt the frame itself. These framed beds are usually raised beds with a plastic webbing on which the dog lies. The webbing or other surface material is completely enclosed in the frame, giving the dog nothing to grab onto for chewing. These beds have the added attraction of being easy to clean. If the weather is inclement or cold, some old blankets can be tossed on top for padding and warmth. The blankets may be chewed, but if they are old, at least it will not cost an exorbitant amount to replace them.
  • One More Tip. Some people have luck with a bitter apple spray applied to the bed. Dogs do not like the taste. However, the effectiveness of this technique depends on the strength of the dog’s desire to chew.

Good Choices for Dogs That Dig.

Raised Beds

The outdoor raised beds are good for diggers both because the bedding material is sturdy and also because it is off the ground, which gives diggers no place to brace their bodies while they dig.

Floor Beds.

If a floor bed is decided upon, look for materials made of man-made fibres such as nylon, with strong construction, such as braided strands of fabric in the weave, and little “give” in the firmness of the bedding.


The best choice for an irredeemable digger may be a pile of old blankets on the floor of a crate, or on a cement, tile, or stone floor. A dog fence (or the crate walls) will keep your dog from seeking a more comfortable place to dig.

The Best Bedding Materials for an Indestructible Dog Bed

These materials are the hardiest on the market:

  • Cordura nylon, a canvas-like material that is abrasion-resistant (for diggers);
  • Ballistic nylon has a smoother finish than the cordura. It is easy to clean and ithe smooth finish doesn’t trap hair;
  • Vinyl weave is an open waterproof weave that is often used on a raised bed. It lets air and water flow under your dog and is easy to clean; and
  • Heavy-duty 40 oz. vinyl is the most durable vinyl on the market. Unlike the vinyl weave, its smooth surface has no holes to trap dirt, moisture or anything else. Wipe clean with a damp cloth.

eBay has hundreds of dog beds for sale..

How to buy a dog bed on eBay

There are many sellers in the eBay marketplace selling lots of different kinds of dog beds, so there is plenty of choice. The eBay flexible payment options make it even easier to make a quick decision.

  • To search for washable dog beds, go to the home page and then go to the Pet Supplies section.
  • It is also possible to type in specific searches related to the product, and to filter the search results by brand, price, type of listing, or date the listing ends.
  • It is important that before making a purchase, all the details are read through thoroughly, the photos are looked through, and the details of the listing double checked. If there are any further questions it is possible to contact the seller to ask for more information or images.
  • If the item is local, it might be worth checking to see if it can be inspected to double check the quality before making make an offer.
  • When ready to buy, either place a Bid, Buy it Now, or put down your Best Offer.
  • Buying through PayPal means the transaction will go without a hitch


Finding the right dog bed can be a difficult process, especially if the dog has some destructive tendencies. Thankfully there are a wide variety of beds on the market that are indestructible – made with the needs of the home and the dog in mind. eBay is an ideal platform to find the right bed, as it allows access to a range of prices and styles, all easy to explore and select from.

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