Your Guide to Buying and Using Vibrating Collars on eBay

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Your Guide to Buying and Using Vibrating Collars on eBay

There is nothing more frustrating than a dog that misbehaves; it is not only an annoyance, but also embarrassing when out in public. Positive reinforcement training is considered the number one training choice, however, it is not suitable for every combination of dog and owner.

Animal charities have condemned the use of shock collars, but there is a far tamer alternative. Vibrating dog collars are a gentle and safe way to pull your dog into line, as it delivers light vibration instead of electric shocks. They are suitable for deaf dogs and will make them stop barking. For non-deaf dogs it will make them to listen to an upcoming command.

eBay is a great resource for dog training and behavioural equipment, shoppers will be sure to find a vibrating collar that is both affordable and safe.

What is a Vibrating Collar?

There are many tools that can be used to help train a dog, however, there is one that stands above the rest in terms of efficiently. A vibrating collar works like a pager, coming in two parts, with a collar that goes around the animal and a handheld control unit for the owner. When pushing the remote buttons it will cause the dog’s collar to vibrate, in the process getting its attention. It does not harm the dog and is considered a great way to help alter a dog’s behavior.

Vibration Modes

Some dogs behave better than others, which means collars need to deliver more than one level of vibration. The base vibration is okay for some dogs, but not enough for others.

Try out different levels to see what suits your dog, whilst making sure that it is never high enough to cause it pain or discomfort. Always remember that a vibrating collar is a basic product and is by no means the level of collar that is used to train hunting dogs.

  • Most collars offer 100 different levels of vibration, meaning that there is something to suit all dogs.
  • Works with a basic remote that allows it to be controlled at a distance.
  • The stronger the vibration the more effect it will have on a dog’s skin.
  • Fully water resistant, but be aware that they are not completely waterproof, nor can they be submerged in water for a long period of time.
  • Is suitable for dogs 3 months or older.
  • Adjustable to all sizes of dog.
  • It’s a no fuss training collar, simply put in on and you’re away.

LCD Interface

Vibrating dogs collars are created with usability in mind, as dog owners are of all physical conditions, and thus needs to be a tool that can be operated by anyone. There are no gadgets or execution commands; it’s simply a couple of buttons that collectively work to alter the settings of the collar.

This type of interface allows users to configure two collars to work with one remote. This means that if you have two dogs misbehaving or fighting one another, you can get their attention at the same time. This feature can be a great time saver in certain circumstances.

  • Has a reach of over one hundred yards.
  • Two dogs can be controlled via one remote.
  • Simple and easy to setup technology.

Remote Control

Sticking to the same philosophy as the product interface, expect the remotes to be basic in design. They come with a reach of over 300 yards, which means no matter where your dog is it can be alerted.

Training via this method means that you can teach a dog commands that can be issued and recognised from a long distance. This is perfect for those who let dogs loose in public parks or in large areas.

  • They are perfect for training a dog to understand commands at long range.
  • Helps reduce the risk of a dog getting lost.
  • Allows dog owners to have peace of mind when the dog is roaming in a public place or around other dogs.

Rechargeable Battery

Vibrating dog collars come with a rechargeable li-ion battery. Even when used on the most mischievous of dogs it will give around a week’s worth of use. Being rechargeable it means people no longer need to fork out for expensive battery packs or disposable batteries. All units come with an indicator light that shows when it is charging or requires charging. It’s a small feature that is a nice touch.

  • More reliable than standard battery packs.
  • Diminishes in life over time.
  • Easily replaced.
  • Robust enough to stand heavy shock and impact.

Vibrating Dog Collar Tips

Vibrating dog collars are the perfect implement for dog training and have appeared on various TV programs, such as ‘Dog Borstal’ and ‘The Dog Whisperer’. Using them is simple and can be the solution to various dog behavioural issues.

Constant Barking

When a dog shows signs of agitation and looks like its about to bark. This usually occurs when someone knocks the door or enters the home. Use the collar to get the dogs attention; this will teach the dog to come to you and not bark in such situations.

Around Children

Children and dogs often strike up a great bond. However, getting the right balance can be difficult, especially around newborn babies. Allow the dog to get familiar with the child, but activate the collar when they start getting too enthusiastic. Use vocal commands to get them to back off. After a few attempts the command will be sufficient enough on its own.

Dog Walking

A vibrating collar integrates with other dog training tools well. Use the vibration tool to alert the dog when it misbehaves and use a whistle to call it to you.

Don’t Push It

Vibrating collars are useful implements, but they can also be too strong. Don’t over use it, as doing so will simply tire a dog and reduce the effect that it has on them.

Remain Vocal

Vibrating collars are a tool to help with a dog’s training. However, they do not do the job solely. Vocal commands are the main way to get the message across to an animal. When a dog gets it right give him or her a treat to reaffirm good behaviour.


Patience is a virtue in dog training; users should understand that a vibrating dog collar is not a quick fix.

Buying a Used Vibrating Dog Collar

Accessories for dogs are big business, and eBay is a haven for great deals. With the advent of eBay, the opportunity to buy used vibrating dog collars often presents itself. However, buying used is different from buying new, as buyers need to be more cautious. Open communication with sellers and ask the following questions about the collar.

How old is the collar?

How many times has the collar been charged?

Has the collar suffered any damage?

What dogs have the collar been used on?

How to Buy a Vibrating Dog Collar on eBay

Dog training is an important part of dog ownership and is by no means an easy task. Some dog owners will have tried every technique under the sun to get their dog to behave, with little to no success. The invention of the vibrating dog collar sought to solve this issue. No matter the size or breed of your dog there will be a vibrating collar to suit. It’s almost a guarantee that eBay will have what you’re after at an affordable and competitive price.

  • To start browsing the vibrating dog collars that are available, go to eBay’s homepage and select the pet supplies option.
  • From there, click on dogs and then training/obedience. This will display all live dog collar related auctions and allow shoppers to browse freely.
  • If shoppers have a specific brand or variation in mind they can use the keyword search tool found at the top of the page.

eBay Shops

There are 7.2 million dog owners in the United Kingdom, which means that the dog accessory market has the potential to generate millions. Everyone from high street stores to market stall owners are taking to the eBay shops format in order to sell their goods. This puts shoppers in an excellent position, as they’ll be sure to find great bargains and special offers. To see what eBay shops are open for business, click the eBay shops link at the bottom of the home page.

Completing a Transaction

  • When a shopper has found a vibrating collar of interest they will need to do one of the following.
  • Place a Bid
  • Make a Best Offer
  • Buy it Now
  • Once an auction has concluded the winning bidder will need to complete the checkout process.
  • Doing this via PayPal will mean that the buyer protection program covers the transaction.


Dog training is a crucial part of dog ownership, as there is nothing worse than an unruly animal. Training can be a difficult and stressful process. Vibrating collars are there to reduce the hassle commonly associated it. They work without having to hurt the dog, as they command its attention instead. In the world of dog training there isn’t a better tool than a vibrating dog collar.

eBay has vibrating collars for sale that will suit all breeds of dog, no matter their size or stature. The process of buying one couldn’t be easier, simply log on to eBay and start browsing what is on offer.

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