Your Guide to Choosing a Contemporary Net Curtain

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Your Guide to Choosing a Contemporary Net Curtain

People have used net, lace, and voile curtains for over two centuries, so shoppers know the style stands the test of time. Many people choose modern net curtains in more contemporary styles for their traditional homes as well as in new buildings and flats. Fitting net curtains to windows is simple when you know how to choose them to fit your rooms.


Styles of Contemporary Net Curtains

Cafe curtains usually cover the lower half of a window. Cafe curtains work well in kitchens where privacy is less important. Jardiniere curtains are full-length curtains that cover the entire window with arch shape at the bottom. You can also find full-length net curtains.


Net Curtains for Traditional Homes

Contemporary net curtains, with their up-to-date designs, can give a much-needed lift to the decor in traditional homes. You can pick patterns that are lighter in construction to allow more natural sunlight into the home and make rooms feel open. While geometric patterns may seem like a stretch for traditional homes, geometrics can harken back to the art deco era of the early 20th century. It blends well with antiques and more contemporary pieces. Traditional floral patterns updated to 21st century designs blend in nicely and often feature longer stems and less crowded patterns. Spring flowers and fall leaves add texture and style, adding a simple contrast to traditional furnishings as well.


Net Curtains for Contemporary Decor

Net curtains lend themselves well to the contemporary decor of modern homes. Geometrics, vertical stripes, and net curtains without patterns cover windows for privacy and light control while adding a finished look to any room. Consider a pattern of squares and circles or stippled flowers with square edges and sides. You could also blend a traditional pattern with striped drapes. A diamond pattern is a good choice for a modern kitchen with sleek bench tops and appliances. Modern homes lend themselves well to any style and wear colour well, so do not be afraid to choose a bold colour or pattern.


Measuring for Net Curtains

To ensure that a net curtain looks its best when installed, be sure to take accurate window measurements. The distance from the bottom of the curtain rod to the bottom of the window frame gives you the length of the curtain. If the net curtains are to reach the floor, you should measure from the rod to the floor, allowing a 2-centimetre space above the floor for ease of movement.


Net Curtain Width

A general rule is to purchase a curtain that is two or three times the width of the window frame. For example, a 150 centimetre-wide window usually requires a net curtain that is twice as wide, or 300 centimetres. Most people use two panels per window. If you want more privacy, you may need to increase the width of the curtain.

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