customizing the jinlun 125 - 11(texan)

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For those of you not in the know, the jinlun is among one of the best selling 125cc motorcycles in the country at the moment and year on year it has been the fastest growing bike in popularity and sales

the manufacturer is a chinese consortium called the cixiking group and they have been exporting bikes from china for over 30 years,

the main uk dealers are jinlun uk --SJBikes---and  Lia imports there are many other smaller dealers but these are the main 3 Big Players all of which will be happy to supply you with one of these fantastic chinese machines at a snip above 1000 pounds these bikes represent amazing value for money they come as standard with panniers and spotlights and a luverly! windshield, which are all very functional and similar style 125 cruisers these would all be extras and you could expect to pay between 100-400 pounds for the privelige of owning such extras,

there are many reasons why people choose to buy a jinlun but i think the main reasons are the fact that they are inexpensive they look damn good and they are damned BIG

many people (bike snobs) have slated me for buying a jinlun cruiser and tell me that it will fall apart after 6 months and all the chrome will rust and they are no good,

i am now on my 2nd jinlun cruiser the first i had for 3 years and did over 49000km without even a hint of a problem as long as you treat these bikes with a bit of care they will ride into the sunset every evening ,

sure you get a bit of rust but you do on all bikes with lots of chrome on them but it polishes off and yes you have to change the oil  every 2000km but you should on any bike

these bikes have come on so far in 3 years its a miracle my first jinlun struggled for power but my new one rockets(well it does 75mph) and for a big cruiser that is fast and the scope that you have for customizing these bikes is mind blowing the only thing stopping you doing something is your imagination

you could have a naked bike strip it down to its bare minimum as i have customize the paintwork change the handlebars and grips whip off all the jinlun stickers and badges (they all come off easy with a tug) when i park up after a nice ride when people see my bike they all ask me if its a harley or a victory i just tell them its a chinese import and if i'm feeling like being truthful i tell them how much i paid for it, and they are genuinely excited knowing that in this day and age you can get a fine looking custom style motorcycle  for peanuts money

if you are into bikes then you know how expensive a hobby it can be

if you want to add a few custom accents to the bike it can set you back a pretty penny but if your shrewd and shop around you can get reasonably priced custom parts

 a set of 4 inch chrome risers set me back 6 pounds on ebay vinyl graphics for under a tenner, L.E.D. lights for a few pounds and a set of drag style handle bars for 22 pounds just look at what SJ  Bikes did with the jinlun 125

its amazing what you can do with a little imagination

so if you want a good reliable custom 125cc bike look no further let your imagination go wild and try and create your own personal bike Arlen Ness and Indian Larry started with a little imagination and now there biker icons look at nononsense choppers there work is awesome and if the Teutalls can make nice bikes(idiots) then i'm sure as hell theres nothing stopping you and me

oh by the way can you tell that i like jinluns yet?

take the plunge i guarantee you will not be disappointed these are good bikes

why pay more?

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