Football Boot Studs And Soles Explained: What You Need

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What kind of surface you're having a kickabout on can make a huge difference. Here's a guide to finding football boots with the right studs and soles.

Changeable Studs for Soft Ground

Boots with changeable studs are a smart choice if you usually play on soft (okay, muddy) ground. And exactly how soft that ground is can change quickly if it's been raining just before the whistle blows. That's why it makes sense to have a few different stud options you can swap in and out when you need to. The longer the stud length, the deeper you'll sink into wet grass, giving you more grip and control as you dodge a defender. If the studs are too long and the ground is slightly too hard, though, you'll probably find walking and running uncomfortable.

Most designs have six or eight studs that screw in to the sole, but some boots have as many as twelve. Most studs are made of either plastic or metal. Plastic studs are lighter for extra speed (perfect for your long counter-attack runs), while metal studs last longer in general. Another advantage is that you can simply change the worn-down studs when you need to and your actual boot can live to fight another day.

Moulded Boots And Bladed Soles for Hard Ground

When the sun is shining and slipping around's not such an issue, you'll want a boot with moulded studs. An all-in-one package, these boots come with all the grip you need to play on harder ground. The moulded studs can sometimes take the shape of a typical stud, although they also come in thinner shapes known as blades.

Bladed soles offer your feet more traction because they cover a bigger portion of the soles of your boots. If you’re playing in a position where speed is important, then these may be what you’re looking for. Their narrow shape means they slice in and out of the ground quicker, boosting your acceleration.

Astroturf And Artificial Grass Soles

If you regularly play on man-made surfaces like Astroturf or artificial grass, you won’t need large studs or blades to dig into the ground (because there isn’t one). Astro sole boots are comprised of hundreds of shorter studs no bigger than 7mm in length. They’ll allow your foot to find better traction on the synthetic surface you’re playing on.

Another surface you’ll be seeing more of is artificial grass, often used by clubs on their training ground pitches during winter because it doesn’t freeze over. Artificial grass football boots often sport shorter triangle-shaped studs, designed to give you optimal grip on a replica pitch. They also come with more rounded hollow studs, arranged in a configuration on your sole that is specifically designed to distribute your weight evenly into the artificial grass. That's got you booted up – the rest is up to you.