How To Find the Best Value Printers for Your Home Office

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A reliable printer is an important component of any home office. Get more for your money by looking for a few key features.

Create Colourful Images With Inkjet Printers

To get started with finding the best standard printer for your home office, think about your printing needs. Do you plan to handle a high volume of paperwork, or do you send most documents online? Inkjet printers are one popular option. They tend to cost less upfront than a laser printer, giving you good value for your money. However, if you will be printing a high volume of paper, operating costs may be higher than a laser printer over time.

Small and quiet, inkjet printers fit well even in some office spaces. They are capable of tackling both text documents and bold graphics alike. If your home business involves printing digital photographs, this type of printer is the better option. You’ll just need to budget for multi-colour cartridges.

Tackle Heavy Loads With Laser Printers

If you anticipate printing high volumes of paper, laser printers may provide greater long-term value. Although they tend to be more expensive than inkjet printers, their toner cartridges are capable of printing more pages than an inkjet cartridge. This means you’ll enjoy a lower per-page cost in terms of ink and paper, especially if you print mainly in black and white.

Sleek and modern, today’s laser printers come equipped with a range of high-tech features. Their output is of professional quality, and they are capable of printing business graphics quickly. While print speed varies depending on the make and model of printer you choose, laser printers tend to be quite efficient and speedy. Look for automatic document feeders to help you with larger print jobs.

Additional Features And Functions

There are also all-in-one printers that provide a multitude of functions. Why buy a run-of-the-mill printer when you can choose one that also scans, copies, and digitises your documents? These types of multi-functional printers offer great value for money, eliminating the need to buy a separate photocopier or computer scanner. For the home office, this is a perfect piece of equipment.

Connectivity is another issue to consider when comparing computer printers. Do you want a traditional printer that plugs into the wall, or one that connects to your computer via Wi-Fi? If you use Wi-Fi in your home office, look for a wireless printer that you can move around as needed. There are printers that connect to mobile devices, allowing you to print directly from your smartphone or tablet. USB ports or media slots are additional features to lookout for, particularly if you print a lot of photos.