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Resolving issues with sellers

If you're having an issue with an eBay seller, try contacting them directly to resolve your problem. If you can't work things out, we're always here to step in and help.

Occasionally something might go wrong with an eBay purchase – you don't receive your item, for example, or the item doesn't fully match the listing description. If that happens, the first step is to contact the seller directly and ask them to help. You can find out how by reading our article on how to contact a seller below. Usually they'll be happy to work with you to resolve the issue.

There are different ways to contact a seller, depending on whether or not you've purchased an item from them.

Our top priority is making sure eBay is a safe marketplace for our members. So, if you have an issue that you can't resolve with a seller directly, or you have concerns that a listing or seller might be violating a policy, or is fraudulent in some way, we're always ready to step in and help. You'll find more information on reporting sellers or listings, and how to avoid seller fraud in our guides below.

Contacting a seller

Get in touch with a seller if you have a question or issue.

Report an issue with a seller

Learn what you can do if you're having a problem with a seller because they're not following our policies.

Report an item or a listing

Find out how you can report something suspicious that you've found on eBay.

Avoiding seller fraud

Learn the warning signs of seller fraud.

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