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Finding your sold items

You can find a history of the items you've sold in My eBay or Seller Hub.

How to find your completed eBay listings

You can find your sold items in either Seller Hub or My eBay up the last 90 days:

See listings and sold items - opens in new window or tab

On eBay, we call items you're selling “active listings”, and items you've sold “completed” or “ended” listings.

eBay order number

Every time you complete a sale on eBay, you'll receive a 12-digit order number. The order number doesn't replace the item number, but allows you to reference the entire order. You can find order numbers on the Orders tab in Seller Hub. We're currently working on making order numbers available in My eBay.

Here's how to search using the order number in Seller Hub:

  1. Go to Orders in Seller Hub
  2. Select Orders from the dropdown menu
  3. Choose a time frame to see orders for up the last 90 days

You can also search by order status – such as awaiting payment, awaiting postage, paid and posted, and awaiting feedback.

When you make a sale you'll find the unique order number in a variety of places including Seller Hub, the View order details page, Sales Reports, and in eBay emails relating to the order.

You can view all your sold items from the past 90 days in either Seller Hub or My eBay.

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