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Packing your sold items

After you've sold your item, it's important to pack it securely, in the right type of packaging, to make sure it gets to your buyer in perfect condition.

Here are some tips on packing your items:

  • Choose a container that's slightly larger than your item, so you can cushion it with packing material on all sides

  • Surround your item with bubble wrap, packing peanuts, foam, or paper – so there's no room for things to move around
  • Use clear or brown packaging tape, eBay's own branded tape - opens in new window or tab, reinforced packing tape, or paper tape, which should be at least 2 inches wide
  • Don't use masking tape, cellophane tape, cord, string, or twine
  • Tape the opening of the box and reinforce all seams and edges
  • Clearly label the package and include a return address
  • Make sure you address the package correctly. It’s always worth double-checking the buyer’s contact details at My eBay > Selling > Sold before you send it off
  • Be sure to include your return address on the package
  • If you're reusing a box, cover any previous labels and cross out any previous addresses with a black marker

Allow space for packing material when you're choosing the box or envelope.

How to pack irregularly shaped items

Some things are a little more difficult to post than others. Here are some ideas for packing irregularly shaped items:

  • Metals – tape the address label directly to the item, and cover any sharp or protruding edges with cardboard
  • Fabric and wallpaper – rolled goods travel best in corrugated boxes. If you post a fabric roll in a bag, make sure it's tightly wrapped and taped to avoid tearing
  • Tires – apply a wide band of pressure-sensitive tape through the centre and completely around the body of the tire. Attach the address label to the tape band where it covers the tread, and cover with clear tape

These tips are general guidelines. We can’t be held responsible if your item is damaged in transit. Your postage provider may have specific requirements for receiving such items, so it’s worth checking with them before you send. Also bear in mind that postage providers may charge extra for large, heavy or irregularly shaped items.

eBay branded packaging

You can give your packages a more professional look with eBay branded packaging. Visit our shipping supplies store - opens in new window or tab where you can buy an array of eBay branded materials, including boxes, bags, and envelopes, as well as gift boxes, packing tapes and other packaging supplies.

Add a personal touch

Showing the human side of your business can go a long way towards building a good relationship with your customers.

A short note thanking the buyer for their custom and asking them to leave positive Feedback can generate goodwill and help you towards a higher Feedback - opens in new window or tab score. You could also include a leaflet pointing them to your eBay Shop - opens in new window or tab.

Always package your items carefully. Remember, you're responsible for ensuring the item arrives safely.

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