Starrett Mph0134 TCT Fast Cut Multi Purpose Holesaw 44mm

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MPH0034 19MM 3/4
MPH2532 20MM 25/32
MPH0078 22MM 7/8 (Out of stock)
MPH0100 25MM 1IN (Out of stock)
MPH0116 27MM 1.1/16
MPH0118 29MM 1.1/8
MPH0136 30MM 1.3/16
MPH0114 32MM 1.1/4
MPH0138 35MM 1.3/8
MPH0112 38MM 1.1/2
MPH0196 40MM 1.9/16
MPH0158 41MM 1.5/8
MPH0134 44MM 1.3/4
MPH0178 48MM 1.7/8 (Out of stock)
MPH0200 51MM 2IN (Out of stock)
MPH0218 54MM 2.1/8 (Out of stock)
MPH0214 57MM 2.1/4 (Out of stock)
MPH0238 60MM 2.3/8 (Out of stock)
MPH0212 64MM 2.1/2 (Out of stock)
MPH0296 65MM 2.9/16
MPH0258 67MM 2.5/8 (Out of stock)
MPH68MM 68MM 2.11/16
MPH0234 70MM 2.3/4 (Out of stock)
MPH0278 73MM 2.7/8 (Out of stock)
MPH0300 76MM 3IN (Out of stock)
MPH0318 79MM 3.1/8 (Out of stock)
MPH0314 83MM 3.1/4 (Out of stock)
MPH0338 86MM 3.3/8
MPH0312 89MM 3.1/2
MPH0358 92MM 3.5/8 (Out of stock)
MPH0334 95MM 3.3/4
MPH0378 98MM 3.7/8
MPH0400 102MM 4IN (Out of stock)
MPH0418 105MM 4.1/8 (Out of stock)
MPH0414 108MM 4.1/4 (Out of stock)
MPH0456 109MM 4.5/16 (Out of stock)
MPH0438 111MM 4.3/8 (Out of stock)
MPH0412 114MM 4.1/2 (Out of stock)
MPH0458 118MM 4.5/8
MPH0434 121MM 4.3/4
MPH0500 127MM 5IN (Out of stock)
MPH0512 140MM 5.1/2 (Out of stock)
MPH0600 152MM 6IN (Out of stock)
MPH0614 159MM 6.1/4
Starrett Tungsten Carbide Tipped Fast Cut Multi Purpose Holesaws are the perfect tool for users from construction and installation engineers to the diy enthusiast. Offering very fast cutting times, and outstanding life,these MPH saws will power through wood, MDF, plastics and ceramic wall tiles. Advantages: Carbide tipped teeth for outstanding cutting performance and product durability. Smooth cut, with minimal heat build up. Suitable for use in mains and battery powered tools. Multiple uses - cutting wood, mdf, plastics, ceramic wall tiles and building bricks. The increased cutting depth allows for cutting through strapping and joists.