AV Decal Fix 17ml - Vallejo Val73213 Model Acrylic Paint

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Plastic putty (Plastic Putty) - 70,400
Gloss Medium (Glossy Medium) - 70.470
Glossy Varnish (Glossy Varnish) - 70.510
Matt varnish (Matte Varnish) - 70.520
Metal Medium - 70.521
Satin varnish (Satin Varnish) - 70.522
Thinner (Thinner) - 70,524
Matte Medium (Matte Medium) - 70.540
Glaze Medium - 70,596
Drying retarder (Drying Retarder) - 70.597
Crackle Medium - 70,598
Thinner (Thinner) - 71.261
Flow Improvers - 71,262
Decal Softener - 73.212
Decal Fix - 73.213
Chipping medium - 73.214
The Vallejo Model Color was specially developed for brush application and offers you rich colors with a matt surface. Other surfaces can also be created with Vallejo Varnish. The color palette is very extensive and was specially tailored by experts to the needs of model builders. The colors are ideal for miniatures of all kinds. From vehicles like tanks and cars, trains to airplanes and many military models. Since the color not only holds perfectly on plastic and resin, but also on metal, latex, leather and EVA FOAM, it is also suitable for use in LARP and cosplay. It is recommended to apply the colors to an initially primed surface. The Model Color dries quickly and forms a self-levelling, homogeneous color film that is suitable for both large areas and the smallest details of the model.