Metcalfe PO510 Picnic Tables Card Kit - 00 Gauge

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M0051 Cobblestone Sheets
M0052 Dressed Gritstone Sheets
M0053 Engineers Blue Brick Sheets
M0054 Red Brick Sheets x8
M0055 Paving Sheets x8
M0056 Tarmacadam Sheets x8
M0057 Cut Stonework M1 Style Sheets
M0058 Semi Cut Stonework B1 Style Sheets
M0059 Old Mill Stone Sheets
M0060 Individual Stone Paving Slabs
PO205 Pub & Shops Low Relief
PO206 Cinema & Shops Low Relief
PO216 Red Brick Platform
PO226 Parish Church & Lych Gate
PO228 Coaching Inn (Out of stock)
PO232 Goods Shed
PO233 Signal Box
PO235 Stone Platform
PO236 Footbridge
PO237 Country Station Red Brick
PO240 Double Track Red Brick Viaduct
PO241 Double Track Stone Viaduct
PO242 Double Track Tunnel Entrances Pair
PO243 Single Track Tunnel Entrance Pair
PO244 Red Brick Retaining Wall Sections
PO245 Stone Retaining Wall
PO246 Red Brick Railway Bridge Double Track
PO247 Stone Railway Bridge Double Track
PO248 Red Brick Tapered Retaining Wall
PO249 Stone Tapered Retaining Wall
PO250 Manor Farm Houses
PO251 Manor Farm Barns
PO252 Manor Farms Barn/Cow Shed
PO253 Village School
PO254 Village Shop & Café
PO255 Workers Cottages
PO256 Stable Block (Out of stock)
PO257 Grange House Stone
PO258 Gardener's Cottage Stone
PO259 Crofter's Cottage Stone
PO261 Red Brick Terraced Houses (Out of stock)
PO262 Stone Terraced Houses (Out of stock)
PO263 Corner Shop Red Brick
PO264 Corner Shop
PO267 Town End Cottage (Out of stock)
PO271 Bank & Shop Low Relief
PO272 Shop Fronts Low Relief Red Brick (Out of stock)
PO273 Stone Shop Fronts Low Relief (Out of stock)
PO274 Low Relief Red Brick Terraced House Fronts (Out of stock)
PO275 Low Relief Stone Terraced House Fronts (Out of stock)
PO276 Low Relief Red Brick Terraced House Backs
PO277 Low Relief Stone Terraced House Backs
PO279 Department Store Low Relief
PO281 Service Station
PO282 Warehouse
PO283 Small Factory
PO284 Boilerhouse & Factory Entrance
PO285 Industrial Unit
PO286 Ramshackle Workshop
PO287 Old Factory
PO288 Brewery
PO289 Fire Station
PO290 Grimy Old Mill
PO291 Castle Gatehouse
PO292 Castle Watch Tower
PO293 Castle Curtain Walls
PO294 Castle Hall
PO295 Castle Stonework Sheets
PO296 Castle Wall Bridge
PO313 Red Brick Double Track Engine Shed
PO320 Mainline Station Booking Hall
PO321 Parcel Offices
PO322 Island Platform Building
PO323 Modern Platform Shelter
PO330 G.W.R. Signal Box
PO331 Red Brick Single Track Engine Shed (Out of stock)
PO332 Stone Single Track Engine Shed
PO333 Settle/Carlisle Railway Station
PO334 Settle/Carlisle Station Platform Shelter
PO335 Settle/Carlisle Station Masters House
PO336 Settle/Carlisle Goods Shed
PO337 Settle/Carlisle Double Track Engine Shed
PO340 Platform Canopy
PO341 Wall Backed Platform Canopy (Out of stock)
PO360 Tower Block Low Relief
PO361 Modern Retail Unit (Out of stock)
PO362 Municipal Building
PO373 Town House Georgian-Style Low Relief
PO374 No.7 High Street Low Relief Shop Front
PO375 Hotel Wednesday
PO380 Railway Arches
PO400 Platform Underpass
PO401 Old Mill Chimney Stack
PO402 Industrial Overbridge
PO410 Wooden Pavilion
PO415 Nissen Hut
PO421 Timber Framed Shop Low Relief
PO430 Small Signal Box
PO502 Platform Benches
PO503 Park Benches
PO510 Picnic Tables
PO513 Childrens Play Area
PO514 Greenhouse
PO515 Station Clocks
PO517 Platform Kiosk (Out of stock)
PO520 Type 22 & 26 Pillbox Pair (Out of stock)
PO522 Stone Fountain (Out of stock)
PO525 Bus Shelter (Out of stock)
PO530 Market Stalls
PO540 Goods Yard Crane
PO541 Waterwheel
PO572 Arcade Shop Front (Out of stock)
PO580 Signal Box Interior
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