Hornby R601 Double Straight Track 00 Gauge X3

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R610 Short Straight
R600 Straight
R601 Double Straight
R603 Long Straight
R8206 Power Track
R604 Curve - 1st Radius (Out of stock)
R605 Double Curve - 1st Radius
R606 Curve - 2nd Radius
R607 Double Curve - 2nd Radius
R609 Double Curve - 3rd Radius
R8262 Double Curve - 4th Radius
R8072 Left Hand Point
Fits where two Hornby R600 straights join or half way along a Hornby R601 Double Straight. For electrical operation use an R8243 surface mounted point motor or an R8014 point motor which is required to be fitted beneath the base board.Ideal unit for Hornby Digital operation but can be operated by analogue DC.