Knightsbridge SF1100MBB Screwless 10A 3 POL Fan Isolator Switch - Matt Black

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1 Gang 2-Way Switch
2 Gang 2-Way Switch
3 Gang 2-Way Switch
4 Gang 2-Way Switch
6 Gang 2-Way Switch
1 Gang Intermediate Switch (Out of stock)
3 Pole Fan Isolator Switch
1G 1-Way Touchless Switch (Out of stock)
2G DP Socket/Black Insert
1G DP Socket/Black Insert
1G Socket 2xUSB(2.4A)/Black Insert
1G Socket 2xUSB Type-A+C FAST/Black Insert
2G Socket 2xUSB(2.4A)/Black Insert
2G Socket 2xUSB(2.4A)+Neon/Black Insert
2G Socket 2xUSB Type-A+C FAST/Black Insert (Out of stock)
1G Socket 2xUSB +BT Speaker/Black Insert (Out of stock)
1G Socket 4xUSB(5.1A)/Black Insert
4xUSB Charger(5.1A)/Black Insert
1G DP Lockable Socket/Black Insert
32A 1G Key Card Switch (Out of stock)
5A Unswitched Socket/Black Insert
115V/230V Dual Volt Shaver/Black Insert
Dual Volt Shaver+2xUSB(A+C)/Black Insert (Out of stock)
1G 2-Way Trail Edge Dimmer (Out of stock)
2G 2-Way Trail Edge Dimmer (Out of stock)
3G 2-Way Trail Edge Dimmer (Out of stock)
4G 2-Way Trail Edge Dimmer (Out of stock)
13A Fused Spur Unit
13A Switched Fused Spur
13A Switched Fused Spur+Neon
13A Switched Fused Spur+Neon+Flex
20A 1G DP Switch
20A 1G DP Switch+Neon
45A 1G DP Switch+Neon
45A 2G DP Switch+Neon
45A Switch+Socket+2xUSB 2.4A/Black Insert
1G TV Outlet (Non-Isolated)
TV & SAT TV Outlet (Isolated) (Out of stock)
1G SAT TV Outlet (Non-Isolated)
Diplex TV & FM DAB Outlet (Screened) (Out of stock)
Telephone Master Socket
Telephone Extension Socket
RJ45 Network Outlet (Out of stock)
1G Blanking Plate
2G Blanking Plate
Combination Plate/Black Insert
Combination Plate+2xUSB(A+C)/Black Insert
Small Combination Plate/Black Insert
Small Combination Plate+2xUSB(A+C)/Black Insert
6G (2G+4G) Modular Faceplate
2G Modular Combination Plate(L)/Black Insert
2G Modular Combination Plate(R)/Black Insert (Out of stock)
2G Modular Combination Plate+2xUSB(A+C)(L)/Black Insert
2G Modular Combination Plate+2xUSB(A+C)(R)/Black Insert
1G Modular Faceplate
2G Modular Faceplate
4G Modular Faceplate
1G Grid Faceplate
2G Grid Faceplate
3G Grid Faceplate
4G Grid Faceplate
6G Grid Faceplate
8G Grid Faceplate
9G Grid Faceplate
12G Grid Faceplate
1-2G Grid Mounting Frame
3-4G Grid Mounting Frame
6-8G Grid Mounting Frame
9-12G Grid Mounting Frame
1G 47mm Galvanised Steel Box
1G 16mm Galvanised Steel Box
2G 25mm Galvanised Steel Box
2G 47mm Galvanised Steel Box
2G 35mm Galvanised Steel Box
3G 35mm Triple Galv. Steel Box
3G 35mm Single Plus Double Steel Box
1G Surface Box - Black
1G Surface Box - White
1G Surface Box - Grey
M3.5 x50mm Flat Screw - Brass (Out of stock)
M3.5 x50mm Flat Screw - Black Nickel/Gunmetal (Out of stock)
M3.5 x50mm Flat Screw - Nickel Plated (Out of stock)
Screwless Switches and Sockets. Available in 6 stunning finishes, with a screwless flat plate ultra slim profile design and 4.3mm projection. 2.1 A and 5.1 A USB charging options on certain models. Constructed from premium grade components.