Changing Your Maximum Bid

Raising your maximum bid

You can increase your maximum bid at any time before the end of the listing. To do this, click "Bid now" on the item page and place your new maximum bid. You can't place a lower maximum bid. See below for what to do if you want to lower or cancel your bid.

To check the maximum bids you've placed, go to My eBay. Scroll down and click "Bidding" on the left-hand side of the page. The next page shows details of all your bidding activity.

Why did my bid increase when I placed a new maximum bid?

If you are the current high bidder on an item with a reserve price and the reserve hasn't been met, the bid price will increase to the reserve amount when you place another bid that meets or exceeds the reserve amount.

Remember: the bid price will increase up to (but not exceeding) your maximum bid if other members bid against you. See Bidding on eBay to find out more.

Lowering your maximum bid

You can't lower your maximum bid. You may be able to retract your bid. However, a bid is a binding contract and members are only permitted to retract bids in very specific circumstances.

If you'd like to cancel a bid for any other reason than those given in the bid retraction form, please ask your seller to cancel it for you. If you'd like to withdraw from a purchase after the end of a listing, you should contact your seller and explain the situation.

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