Solving credit and debit card problems

Find out how to add, update, or remove your credit card information on your eBay seller account.

Providing eBay with credit or debit card information

The following lists the only situations where eBay will ask you for your credit or debit card information or verification.

If you've been asked to provide card information for any other reason, especially if you've been asked to provide your card details via email, be suspicious and report it immediately to eBay. Learn how to recognise spoof emails.
  • When you become a seller, you will need to provide credit or debit card information as part of the eBay seller verification process. This is separate to the PayPal verification process. Visit the PayPal Help Centre for more information about PayPal Verification.

  • You can keep a credit or debit card on file for monthly automatic payment of any eBay fees.

  • When your registered card expires (we'll send you an email asking you to go to the eBay website and update your card information).

  • When you try to list an item, but you have no credit or debit card on file or your card has expired.

  • When you place certain bids, for example very high bids.

  • When you register a new user ID with a free email address such as Hotmail or Gmail.

  • When you add your credit card as your reimbursement payment method.

If your credit or debit card has been declined

If your credit or debit card is declined when making payment or during seller verification, contact your credit or debit card company. You may also want to check that:

  • Your card is in good standing and has enough credit available to cover the charge. (If you are adding a new card on file with eBay, ensure that you have enough credit or funds to cover a verification check of £1.00. Please note that your card will not be charged. The amount will be held by eBay for verification purposes, then released.)

  • Your card does not have a block on internet or phone orders.

  • You do not have a daily transaction limit that might affect payment, and your card has not been flagged for additional authorisation. If you are making a payment, your card will be charged for the full payment amount you enter.

  • Your card has been activated if it has been recently issued.

  • The billing address you have with your bank is identical to the one that you are entering on eBay. For example, if you recently changed your address, your bank may still have your old billing address registered on the card.

  • Your card is not a pre-paid card, which can't be used for seller verification.

Alternatively, you can pay your eBay fees by PayPal or Direct Debit. View your account balance to find the total amount due.

If you see charges you don't recognise

Help with understanding charges on your debit or credit card statement, plus tips on what to do if you have questions.

Is the charge for something you sold?

To see your current account balance, go to My eBay > Account. From here, you can also select an invoice and see an itemised list of your selling fees

Find out more about resolving payment-related issues:

Is the charge from something you bought?

If you bought something on eBay and paid with PayPal, this will show on your debit or credit card statement if you selected your debit or credit card as the payment method. 

Find out more about resolving buying-related issues:

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