Selling Manager Pro – Using the inventory view

The inventory view in Selling Manager Pro helps you track listing status, manage inventory quantity, and manage the listing templates associated with your products.

Viewing inventory statistics and status

The Inventory View columns show:

  • Product Inventory: The name of the product and the associated listing templates you’ve created

  • Custom Label: The custom label you’ve added

  • Folder Name: The name of the product folder

  • Available to List: How much of each product is available to list

  • Scheduled: How many listings are scheduled

  • Active: How many listings are currently active

  • Sold: How many items have sold

  • Unsold: How many items did not sell

  • Success Ratio: The ratio of Sold items to the total number of listings for that product (see Updating Product Details)

  • Avg Selling Price: The average selling price for each of your products

  • Last Submitted: When a listing was last submitted for each of your products

From the product inventory page you can:

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