Apple constantly pushes back the boundaries, with an uncanny knack for knowing the technology we want before we even know it ourselves. Regular product launches and upgrades deliver desirable new devices that we simply have to have, inspiring customer loyalty like no other brand.

Ground-breaking Apple Devices

The list of Apple innovations that have become part of our everyday lives is quite remarkable, including:

Innovative, Intuitive Software

Apple creates and updates its own intuitive operating systems including OSX for its home computers and iOS for its portable devices. Apple iPhones and iPads are also backed by the famous App Store, which encourages independent developers to create apps that make the most of their power and potential. Since it first opened, there have been a staggering 75 billion downloads from the App Store.

Apple Watch- Wearable Technology

In just 40 years, Apple have changed the way we listen to music, communicate on the phone and interact with the internet and it's not stopping there. Despite the passing of its driving force, Steve Jobs, Apple is still pressing ahead with new ideas that will change the way we live our lives.

The new Apple Watch is a typical example, taking on the challenge of wearable technology with all the style and cool you would expect. Once again, Apple is breaking new ground and taking us to somewhere new that we hadn't even thought of before.