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Come Dine With Me

We all like to think we're a little bit like Nigella Lawson or Gordon Ramsay when it comes to shopping for kitchen accessories. So, why not embrace it? Whether you’re throwing together a snack, or cooking up a dinner party feast, find everything you need, all at mouthwatering prices. Shop cookware utensils, ovenware and baking accessories from brands including Le Creuset and Jamie Oliver; pots, pans and dishes, plus a huge choice of mixers and food processors to make it easy. And to serve, peruse over a complete range of plates, cutlery and glasses, plus stylish oven to tableware. Find your kitchen and dining accessories in many styles, whether you want to add to your industrial themed kitchen, or upkeep your traditional pantry - cook and dine the way you want.

Wine and Dine

Transform your dining experience with innovative and clever design ideas. Suit your modern style with a contemporary industrial kitchen and matching rustic dining room furniture such as a reclaimed wood coffee table, floating shelves, and modern but comfortable seating such as bar stools. Or keep your dining area and kitchen traditional with classic wall art and décor, chairs, antique cabinets and racks to store cookware and dinnerware, and basic kitchen accessories and appliances such as a vintage style bread bin.

Whether a unique and modern dining room with stools is your wish or a traditional pantry with mahogany floorboards and dining table, fuse your kitchen and dining room together with running themes and ideas between each space to make your eating experience that much more palatable. Opt for floor lights to add an atmospheric accent to the room that will enhance you experience even more.

Bake Off

Of course, a kitchen isn't complete without all those cookware and bakeware essentials. Shop mixing bowls, cookie cutters, loaf tins, ramekins, pans, baking sheets, and more to ensure that your dining room is the source of happiness for both your savoury and your sweet tooth!

Take Your Pick

Make the room a space of pride as well as practicality. Browse dining room lighting ideas or the perfect kitchen table - but easily and simply. Top picks such as clever food and kitchen storage to make sure both your cookware and essential flatware and tableware collection stay organised, or top picks from Household, Laundry & Cleaning, gives you economical ideas on finding the furniture essentials by room, that suit not only your style but also your budget.