Motocross has seen a fantastic evolution over the last century. Emerging from competing factory teams in the aftermath of World War I, motocross was a raw expression of how man could conquer speed and was developing a love for making machines work for sport.

Using the rugged terrain of cross country tracks to their advantage, the sport grew in popularity while events grew in size and scope. Teams represented included Norton, Matchless, Rudge and also the Birmingham Small Arms Company (BSA) from the Peaky Blinders’ territory.

Pad up properly

The sport continues to grow from strength to strength, providing the perfect opportunity for young riders to take part in scramble races as they get to grips with their first motocross bike. A high speed and energetic sport, motocross relies on the skill of its riders alongside the proper, protective kit.

There are a couple of layers to think about when it comes to being correctly kitted out. A base layer, body armour and protectors are a must before making sure that boots, jackets, trousers and gloves are all up to standard. There’s a huge range of styles and brands to choose from so go for block colour or show your brand loyalty with a Speedway jacket with go faster stripes!

Head First

Your helmet is as important as your bike when it comes to motocross. You wouldn’t leave the mechanics of your bike to chance with parts missing or loose, so make sure that your helmet is in tip top condition before opening your throttle.

Helmets can be expensive pieces of kit, but eBay offers you the perfect opportunity to find one to match your budget, whether you’re competing or scrambling for fun around your local track. Make sure that you inspect your helmet regularly for cracks and have a good fitting neck brace to protect you.