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OSRAM designs and manufactures high quality, powerful and innovative automotive lighting solutions based on Halogen, HID-Xenon and LED technology.

Due to the proven reliability and certified quality of its lighting solutions, the company is a key partner for the world’s leading motor manufacturers and over half of all passenger vehicles manufactured around the globe are equipped with OSRAM bulbs.

That’s why OSRAM is the world leader in automotive lighting.

Why buy an OSRAM bulb?

Created for performance and safety, OSRAM automotive lighting comes in a wide variety of formats to fit with every make and model of vehicle. No other automotive lighting supplier has the same experience of delivering the original lighting equipment used by the world’s automotive manufacturers.

This means that you are assured that when you replace your current lighting solution with OSRAM you’ll receive an exact match in terms of lighting capabilities and lifespan. You receive OSRAM quality with great performance and cost-effective pricing.

Whatever your requirement in a bulb or LED accessory, OSRAM has a product that’s right for you. Superior design and engineering ensures all OSRAM replacement bulbs deliver unrivalled road vision for the driver and better viewing conditions for other road users.

Which bulb is right for you?

To help you quickly identify your ideal OSRAM bulb, simply choose from the categories above.


Innovative range of bulbs that deliver the highest level of quality, precision and light output.


Bulbs that move automotive lighting from functional to eye-catching and stylish – without compromising performance.

Long Life

Long lasting bulbs for cost-effective performance with up to four times the life of standard halogen and four times the life of standard xenon bulbs.

Original Spare Parts

A complete range of 12V bulbs for passenger vehicles that let you replace existing bulbs with exactly the same high quality, high performance bulbs used by the leading automotive manufacturers.

LED accessories

An extensive range of LED lighting accessories for use in the car or at home, including reading lights, inspection lights and warning lights.

LED Bulbs

A range of replacement LED bulbs that allow you to enhance the power, performance and lifetime of your current bulbs.

Putting sustainability first

OSRAM, take the environment very seriously. All the automotive lighting products and technologies are designed to be resource-efficient and conserve energy. The products meet and exceed all the latest environmental and quality standards.