Vans & Pickups

Vans – the unsung heroes of the commercial world. Zipping here and darting there, working behind the scenes to make sure that everything else works as it needs to. From online deliveries to cash and carry runs, from pickups to tip ups, vans are the work horses of the nation and it’s their time to shine!

Start Up Your Start Up

Working for yourself is more common than ever before, but getting your idea off the ground when money is tight can be tricky. eBay is your access point to thousands of vehicles that makes it easier to match your budget.

Choose from ready-to-go or older models that need a little love and get ready to get going (maybe you’ll need to carry out small repairs on the older models, but this is simple with eBay’s Parts and Accessories Section). Small vans are tailor made for a mobile sandwich business or sole trading plumber.

Scale to Your Need

Carrying bigger loads and larger items will need a larger van to make sure you can always cope with the job at hand. Reliable brand names, such as Iveco and Ford, come in a choice of sizes so that you’ll never be stuck.

Keeping your van up and running can be an expensive job, but you may be able to undertake some tasks yourself by taking a leaf from the maintenance manuals. This not only makes it easier on the pocket, but comes with a great sense of satisfaction that you can do things for yourself!

Luton Vans

If you’re a growing concern, a Luton van will match most needs. With tail gate and lift facilities, it makes light work of heavy loads. Fleet vans can be an expensive business but the eBay range means that you can keep your eye on up and coming purchases. Scan the horizon for your next move and keep watching the listings for the right van for you.