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Maximise Your Desk Space by Selling Computer Monitors

Computer monitors have come a long way in recent years, but they can still take up space on your desk or in your office if you need to use several of them. Selling computer monitors can be a decent way to make some extra cash for your next electronics purchase, and you will be able to economise your space at the same time. Thanks to eBay, all of this is easy to do. All you need is to follow a few simple guidelines.

Information buyers expect to find in these listings

There are several details you can include in the descriptions when you are crafting a listing to sell your computer monitors. Most of this information should give the viewers all the necessary technical specifics on each monitor but still be easy to understand. Besides emphasising that your monitors are affordably priced, detailed descriptions will help your buyers decided if these are the right monitors for them. Some of the main points you may wish to highlight in your descriptions include the following:

  • Screen size - This is one of the major factors a potential online buyer will look for in a computer monitor sale. Note that the screen size is the total diagonal length of the visible part of the screen without the frame.
  • Features - All computer monitors display words, images, or data for viewers. However, some include special features like anti-glare properties, USB hubs, or built-in speakers that may be of interest to buyers.
  • Refresh rates - Refresh rates are measured in Hertz and may be important to gamers or other niche users.
How do I take photos to sell my computer monitors?

When you sell computer monitors, good photos will go a long way. Computer monitors are all about visuals, and that means that photos are an important part of a great listing for these items. To start, you can snap a few pictures of the monitor while it is turned off and up against a neutral background. After that, it's a good idea to turn the monitor on and use a wallpaper or screensaver to showcase the colours and other visual properties of the display. Letting buyers see how images or videos might look on these devices can help you sell your computer monitors more effectively. Consider taking a few photos of the monitors sitting on an uncluttered desk.

How can I sell used computer monitors?

It's easy to list both new and pre-owned computer monitors for sale on eBay. When you're selling a used computer monitor, the important thing to note is that you have some experience with it and have tested it in the field. Use the description to let potential buyers know that you have some knowledge of how visuals might look when reading documents, looking at digital photos, watching films, or playing games using this monitor.