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Selling Sporting Goods Online

Sporting goods and equipment can be pricey, and when you are ready to sell your sporting goods, eBay's Selling Tools make the process as simple and fast as possible. Perhaps you tried archery, cycling, American football, disc golf, field hockey, cricket, or another sport, and it was not your thing. Whether you're ready to upgrade your equipment or you need to clear out some space for the next sport that you want to try, you can sell sporting goods on eBay for quick money.

Why do people buy used sporting goods?

A person who is new to a sport might not want to pay a lot of money for the equipment in case they don't end up liking the activity. Parents may search for used sporting goods for their children because children grow quickly, and they often outgrow sporting goods before the products wear out. People also buy used sporting goods when they want to save money. Some people might want to try out a few brands in order to see which one they prefer, and buying used is an affordable way to do so.

What types of used sporting goods do buyers want?

People search for all types of sporting goods. When you sort through your items and get ready to sell your sporting goods, consider which sports are popular. During big events such as Wimbledon, tennis equipment may soar in demand. During the Tour de France, people might be interested in cycling equipment. While the Summer Olympics take place, people may search for boxing, football, or gymnastics equipment. Around the beginning of the new year, people making resolutions for healthy living may look for hiking, fitness, or yoga equipment. Use the Selling Tools in order to find out which brands are in demand. For example, Oxelo, Galaxy, and Risport are some in-demand brands of ice skates.

What should I put in a listing when I sell my sporting goods?

When you're selling sporting goods, be sure to take plenty of photos of the item. Get close-up images of any areas that are worn, threadbare, or dinged. Explain the types of damage, if any, or amount of wear. For example, if you only wore those ice skates once, add that to your item description. If that baseball glove was used by three boys for 10 years, add it. List the brand, whether it is a left-handed or right-handed item, and its model number.