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Welcome to the boot-bag groupEstablished in 2008 and based near Silverstone UK and Rotterdam Netherlands. We design and manufacture convertible luggage solutions. We also stock classic UK made racks & modern Italian luggage racks.We manufacture innovative hand made boot-bag, hatch-bag, and Revo Rack luggage rack. All are made by us and protected by our intellectual property. We ship globally.The business began with the unique waterproof boot-bag convertible luggage rack alternative, in 2010 we started to stock classic racks made in the UK and import modern racks from Italy. In 2016 we began manufacture of our own design off convertible luggage rack 'Revo-Rack' and the inventive hatch-bag.We take real pride in our products both bought in and those we manufacture, all are good quality and are built to last. As the saying goes ' buy cheap buy twice'You can call us on +44 (0)1865 693 063 or +31 (0) 103 071 036 or email liza@boot-bag.comHappy Travels

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