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Fort Products is an established UK Based manufacturer and seller specialising in a range of amateur and professional products for the pest control and remedial repair industry. Our experience commenced in 1996 within the pest control industry before leading to this eBay shop in 2003, and we pride ourselves on the technical knowledge received in the last 25+ years. The range of products we sell includes rodenticides, traps and rodent related accessories under the Roshield brand, DPC cream and damp paints under the Rempro brand, bird proofing under the Birdgo brand and a range of pheromone traps under the Entopest brand. As a company, we are specialising in the manufacture of a range of high-quality products, with excellent customer service and backup support when required. We take into consideration the environmental impact we leave and have made proactive steps to become carbon neutral, including the use of recycled materials within the manufacturing process whenever possible.

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