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hello,im suzanne,im 49 i live with john my partner,soon to be husband,but dont tell him,,haha,& thomas my cat,&i care for my mum who lives over the road.selling here on ebay is everything to me,,it gives me a life where i can work at 4 am or 10 pm so i can care for mum & look after john & thomas,so i try very hard to get things a lover of jewellery,as you can tell,i have dealt with jewellery all my life.i used to buy for my dad when i was a little girl,hard but wonderful man.he once told me,if your going to do something,do it right,or dont bother! most of the jewellery i sell,ive worn & loved,if i havent i have bought it because it is beautiful,some jewellery i buy that needs work & you wont believe the satisfaction i get when my jeweller brings it to me all mended & sparkly,to give a peice of jewellery a second life,,means a lot.ill try & take a better picture,,but thomas my cat has given me so much love.take care-thank you for supporting me,much love to you all.xx

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