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Welcome to my eclectic mix of jewellery, glass, other gorgeous stuff. My name is Fran. Lithium is my naughty Lilac Burmese, hence the name. I am a Lab Technician by trade. I was made redundant a couple of years ago now & decided to do something about it myself and become my own boss. It is really hard work, I often work 15-16 hour days, especially in the run up to major holidays. I run the Business from my 2 bed maisonette and pride myself on excellent customer service. I am really approachable & online almost all the time except for Saturday mornings where I am found at my local auction house. Being a Biologist, I grow many houseplants & breed varieties of Land snails. Feel free to contact me for advice, or, just a chat. If you like what you see, please add me to your list of favourites. New & exciting items added daily - if I can manage to stay awake long enough :) My Business is your pleasure!

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