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Thank you for visiting Medi Buddies UK (formally Nana Sues Emporium). I have been designing and creating "special needs accessories" for over fifteen years now. From the day my Granddaughter was born with Spina Bifida and other related health issues. We found it extremely hard to find dribble bibs which was both fashionable and practical. Matilda didn't want to look like a little girl with special needs and draw attention to herself so I designed a bandana dribble bib which she loved in bright trendy colours and soon all of her friends wanted them too. Matilda then had to have a feeding tube fitted but due to the nature of these infernal little pegs which are attached to the stomach wall, they leak and cause extreme soreness and granulation forming around the peg from the stomach acids. She also became sensitive to the normal medial sticking plaster and gauze which users usually have to wear constantly. Hence my range of Button Buddies after many months of research and trials.

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