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We are a Genuine Norton parts supplier for pre 1977 Nortons and we have a licence from the Norton brand name owner to manufacture & supply Genuine Norton, Dominator and Single Spares for pre 1977 models, plus Commando & Norvil spares too. With the latest acquisition of the Norton brand by the TVS group, our licence has been further strengthened. We manufacture Genuine Norton Parts for the bikes listed above to original factory specification except where we have deemed it necessary to upgrade tooling and revise drawings in order to make parts in newer & better materials, to modern day tolerances for modern day reliability.We have many original factory drawings which are used to make parts that don't require improvement, though with today's modern engineering practices most parts can and have been improved by us over the years.We are a British owned family run company that has been trading since 1980 & we ship parts worldwide. If you buy from us, you buy in confidence. Safe Riding.

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