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We are a family business owned and operating in Derby. We pride ourselves on customer excellence and deliver high-quality gas, electric and water meterbox products anywhere in the UK. Established in 2015 we offer a wide range of meter box repair solutions and are always looking for new ideas. Its fair to say we set up this business as the demand for meter box repairs grew. With meters now found on the outside of properties, our aim is to give customers an opportunity to fix their broken, old or unsightly meter box themselves. We also believe in offering a simple effective service where you can talk or email an individual for advice. If we haven't got a product listed we can always try and find a solution. We Offer:- Meter Box Repair Kits Meter Box / Meter Door Latches Meter Box / Meter Door Hinges Replacement Gas or Elec Meter Doors Overboxes Surface Mounted Boxes Recessed Meter Boxes Plus many more other meter box repair solutions

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