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The Crystal Lodge is the home of retired Swarovski crystal. We are the UK's premier secondary market company. We only sell perfect, mint condition genuine Swarovski crystal with its original packaging. Our Ebay shop represents a small proportion of our range. Our website hosts thousands of pictures, an insurance valuation guide which is free to download and lots of information about your favourite Swarovski products. Looking for rare crystal? Our Crystal Detective Service can help you to track that elusive piece down. Last, but definitely not least, we feel extremely proud and highly honoured to be the only company who Swarovski UK recommend to clients seeking to buy or sell retired Swarovski crystal. We think that says it all! There are a few Ebay sellers who use similar names to those companies which are part of our group of companies - please do not be fooled, we only sell via this account and anyone with a similar name to any of our group of companies is definitely not us!

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