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THE RESOURCEFUL STYLIST has a background in Fashion and Textiles who is naturally drawn to PRINTS and COLOUR. Bold, bright, fun clothing. I love researching the fashion and social history behind the label and I always include a small synopsis of such. Quality of cloth and flattering tailored cuts are always a priorIty, which come hand in hand with vintage, so its a win win all around. They've lasted this long for a reason. They don't make them like they used too!! On top of all this, we are doing our bit to save the planet, keeping it green and making the green in your pocket go further! Daily eclectic uploads. I never know what I might find and I pass on that sourcing as quickly as I can directly to you. Bid to be sure not to be disappointed! Happy shopping from THE RESOURCEFUL STYLIST. All items are AS GOOD AS BRAND NEW, unless otherwise stated. All items are washed and ready for your immediate wear. All packing made from eco resources.

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