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Welcome to my store. Here I offer walkman belts and cassette player belts for most walkmans of various brands, like Sony, Panasonic, Aiwa, Sharp, Kenwood. The majority of belts offered here on eBay are too thick and therefore unusable. My belts are only 0.024 (0.6mm) thick, the same as original. These belts are not original (original ones are not made any more), so check the needed size before you buy. Suitable for most Sony WM-EX, Sony WM-FX, Sony WM-GX models, Panasonic RQ-S*, early Panasonic RQ-SX models, Aiwa, Sharp, Kenwood, etc. The reason, why I sell the belts is, that I want to encourage people in keeping their old walkmans. That s why I SELL with ZERO profit. The sell price includes all eBay and PayPal fees, packing material and the belt itself. Worldwide registered shipping for the lowest possible price.

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