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NTC 10K Digital LED Temperature Sensor Control Board Module (12V DC) W1209WK
08 Jan, 2021
Easy to wire and easy to program
I have used these sensors in a number of jobs. With a 12 VDC input, it can activate both 240VAC (with a separate 240VAC for the fans controlled via a sensor wire) and 12VDC fans for up to 20 Amp's of capacity. You are obviously limited by the PSU you are using however this is amazing for such a small device. It has a good instruction booklet that is very useful for the choice of wiring you may need. Very easy to program for the selected temperatures you may require, such as switch on/off, max/min operations. A sturdy and reliable cooling system for all electronic projects or installations. I can say with experience, this device has prolonged the life of all my projects as the equipment only reaches the temperature I have set in advance. A go to device for me and I rate it very highly.
500kg Engine Support Double Beam Bar Stand Motor Traverse Lifter Lift Gearbox
04 Jun, 2017
Does what it says!
Quality product. It gives a lot of confidence and trust during clutch replacement, ensuring the engine stays in place, safe and secure with no worries at all! Excellent build quality and adjustment systems! I can see this in my garage for many years to come! Spot on!!
RFID Learning Starter Kit Set for Arduino UNO R3 Upgraded Version Learning Suite
08 Aug, 2018
Recommended first kit! Quality parts!! Perfect for the electronics/programming beginner or advanced users!
This kit is great value for the money.It Includes many shields (instruments) to build many, many projects. This is also an inexpensive introduction to electronics, hardware and programming for anyone to enjoy. From a beginner to intermediate, you can create, and program many awesome projects. The Arduino UNO is a great board, very versatile and will take a beginner a long time to reach it's potential, especially with all the goodies supplied!! All components/sensors/sheilds etc are perfect and protected in anti-static bags! All components supplied are of high quality and will last that course. All supplied in a lovely plastic case to keep it all together! Lots of on line support with lots of starter projects!